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Ubisoft has confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still in development.


Wednesday, January 18, 2023, 4:27 PM 56 PM, Indochina time

After a tough week full of game cancellations and release delays, Ubisoft therefore giving hope to the fans by confirming that Beyond Good and Evil 2 still under development

Ubisoft It is facing a difficult resolution following news this week that skull and bones The upcoming has been postponed once again. This is the 6th time of this game. The news comes with the disclosure that Ubisoft It canceled three unannounced games, bringing the total to seven in the last six months.

in addition Ubisoft has admitted that sales of Mario + Rabbids: A Spark of Hope and Just Dance 2023 Not as expected Normally, such news has a direct impact on the stock price of Ubisoft As the stock fell dramatically and worried investors. The news of the cancellation of many games this year also made fans worried that Beyond Good and Evil 2 That has been postponed many times may be one of the games that Ubisoft Give up as the game hasn’t been updated for a while.

However, the latest Ubisoft Has given me a small update and confirmed that it’s developing. Beyond Good and Evil 2 Unaffected by the recent events the company is experiencing. A company spokesperson further clarified that Development of Beyond Good and Evil 2 is ongoing. And the team is working hard to deliver on its ambitious promise.” So for now, fans may have to wait patiently.

although Ubisoft It looks struggling right now, but 2023 could be the year that can get the company back on track. Although there are always surprise announcements for fans, Ubisoft There are many famous games in 2023 including The Division Heartland, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora including skull and bones previously mentioned There is also Assassin’s Creed Mirage It’s another game that fans are waiting for a lot. With the developer’s promise to bring the series back to the franchise’s classic formula.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 under development

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