Home Tech GPS, 21 days of battery and more than 95 sports

GPS, 21 days of battery and more than 95 sports

GPS, 21 days of battery and more than 95 sports


If you are looking for an ultra-resistant smartwatch, this is currently at its lowest all-time price thanks to a discount of 150 euros.

This military-resistance watch hits rock bottom in a big way: GPS, 21-day battery life, and 95+ sports
This sale smartwatch has an ultra-rugged design ready to withstand all your adventures.

Suunto is one of the leading brands in the market for sports smart watches high resistance. If you are looking for a smartwatch that will survive your most extreme adventures, now you can buy one of Suunto’s best models at an all-time low price. Its about Suunto 9 Peak Proa smart watch military resistance And till 21 days of battery what can be yours for only 349 euros on Amazon.

The importance of this occasion becomes clear if we mention that this Suunto 9 Peak Pro has a recommended retail price of 499 euros, that is, you save 150 euros if you buy it now. As we have been saying, never been so cheapthe price drop is historic. You can also buy this smartwatch for 349 euros and MediaMarkt and in El Corte Ingléswhile in PcComponents It does not fall below 370 euros.

Suunto 9 Peak Pro price drop

The Suunto 9 Peak Pro reaches its historical minimum price.

Beyond the price, this Suunto 9 Peak Pro is a great buy for its tremendous quality. Is highly resistanteven up to 100 meters deep in the water, it has power to provide good performance more than 95 sports modes, GPS with high precision and a battery that reaches 21 days with 24/7 monitoring and mobile notifications.

Suunto 9 Peak Pro

Suunto 9 Peak Pro, an ultra-resistant watch for 150 euros less

Let’s start by talking about the differential aspect of this Suunto 9 Peak Pro, its design. Like the good sports smartwatch that it is, it has the highest resistance you can imagine, complying with the military standard (MIL-STD-810) and holding up to 100 meters deep underwater. Its bezel is made of stainless steel and its front is protected with sapphire to maintain the promised high resistance. Beyond this, it is a slim watch that will be very comfortable when you wear it.

The images are displayed in a 1.2 inch round screen and resolution of 240×240 pixels. It is a screen of correct quality with which you won’t have any problem outdoorsits performance is on a high note. When controlling the smartwatch, you can choose between this touch screen and the physical buttons from the right side.

Suunto 9 Peak Pro barrier many a more powerful processor than previous generations, which is positively noted when interacting with him. You will be able to move quickly between the different menus and apps, the experience is fluid. If you connect it to your mobile, you can see on your wrist the app notifications as WhatsApp and control music playback.

Where this smartwatch stands out the most is in monitoring physical activity and health. you can choose between more than 95 sports modes to monitor your workouts, whether in the city, in the mountains or even at sea. In fact, it even has a snorkel tracking mode. Of course, there is no lack of high-precision GPS so that your location is recorded at all times.

Suunto 9 Peak Pro

Suunto 9 Peak Pro can also analyze your heart rateas well as your sleep patterns and stress level. To all these functions you can get the most out of it for 21 days without needing the charger, it has a beastly autonomy. If you use it to see the time and little else, you can even use it for a whole month on a single charge. On the other hand, in smart battery mode it can last up to 300 hours with GPS on.

In short, we are facing a smart watch more than trained to accompany you on your most risky adventuresboth for its resistance and for its wide autonomy. You know that at the moment you have historical minimum price on amazoncan get hold of it for only 349 euros. If you are subscribed to Amazon PrimeYou will not have to pay shipping and you will have it at home the day after the purchase.

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