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When Instagram is testing a new feature, one Dziuba is crying somewhere


When Instagram is testing a new feature, one Dziuba is crying somewhere

The option protects users from what they do not want to see.

Instagram* is testing a feature that will block explicit images in private messages (DMs). The trial version of the option will limit users to sending one DM request to someone who is not subscribed to them, and this request will be limited to text only. Users will be able to send images or videos via DM only after the recipient of the request accepts them.

In practice, people will no longer receive unwanted images or videos from people they don’t follow. This decision is related to research results according to which Internet trolls use DM to send offensive content to famous women.

The study found that television presenter Rachel Riley, women’s safety activist Jamie Klingler and magazine editor Sharan Dhaliwal were subjected to misogynistic messages in DM requests.

In addition, a report from the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) found that out of 8,720 requests sent to these three women, more than 6% contained content that violated the rules. Instagram regarding content. Most of the abuse reports were based on either images or video, with one example including more than 20 explicit videos sent to Riley by the same person.

Instagram expects to roll out the new feature to over 1 billion users worldwide after testing is complete.

Other updates also include rewarding teens for adding parents as supervisors to their accounts “as an extra layer of support.” Instagram is also considering asking teens to close the app if they use Reels at night. In addition, Meta* will send a notification to teens who have spent 20 minutes on Facebook* asking them to take their eyes off the app and set daily limits.

Instagram is also rolling out a silent mode feature globally that turns off notifications and sends automatic replies to DMs. Meta also announced a number of security changes for its Messenger service. Parents will be able to view how much time their child spends on Messenger, as well as their contact list. However, new parental control tools will prevent parents from reading a child’s messages.

* Meta and its products (Instagram and Facebook) are recognized as extremist, their activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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