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GRANBLUE FANTASY: Relink Reveals New Trailer And Announces Winter 2023 Release Date


Thursday, May 25, 2023, 5:35 p.m. 15 p.m. Indochina time.

After the previous article, the author had the opportunity to present about 5 An interesting game within the list.” PlayStation Showcase 2023 which comes with a sequel game and many interesting new games. You can read more details atthis article

Of course, as mentioned above, “There are many more games. which the author did not bring up But the game is still interesting. GRANBLUE FANTASY: duplicate link Ready to release the child’s punch, the whole scene within the game to be watched in full, full unit and also at the end of the video The team also announced the release date. with plans to release them to play during winter 2023 this

It is one of the most exciting and gratifying progress. because of the game GRANBLUE FANTASY: duplicate link Has been announcing this project since years. 2016 which has passed 7 Years, the game is finally coming out in full force. After letting them wait and forget each other for a long time which can read more atthis article

for the game GRANBLUE FANTASY: duplicate link It is one of the games that has been inspired by mobile games. Turn-based RPG famous as Grand Blue Fantasy The story is about a young boy. Grand who received a letter from his missing father ready to invite Grand set off in search of him, resulting in Grand Was inspired and had a dream of becoming a Sky Knight. one day Grand must enterinvolved with a mysterious girl named Lyria resulting in Grand must die but with the power of Lyria thus making the two lives connected which must be exchanged for being close to each other all the time otherwise it will result Grand must die

Finally, the game GRANBLUE FANTASY: duplicate link There are plans to go down to the machine. PS4, PS5 and steam Which has to wait and follow in the future whether there will be a change in plans in the future or not We have to wait and follow each other.

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