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Microsoft warns about problems with copying and saving files in Windows


Microsoft warns about problems with copying and saving files in Windows

There’s still no fix for the latest versions of Widows 11, but the “small-soft” ones offer a very funny workaround.

Company Microsoft reported that some 32-bit applications may experience repeated crashes when saving and copying files on different versions of Windows (especially when copying to network shares).

The problem only affects applications that support large memory addresses and use CopyFile function on Windows 11 21H2 and 22H2 (after installing KB5023774 or later updates) or Windows 10 21H2 and 22H2 (after installing KB5023773 or later updates).

“Windows devices are more prone to this issue when using some commercial or enterprise security software that uses extended file attributes.” the message says Microsoft.

The file copy functionality in File Explorer has not been affected, according to the company, but the CopyFile feature used in certain applications may not work properly. Microsoft Office applications such as Word and Excel are only affected by this issue when using 32-bit versions, and affected users may experience “Document not saved” error messages.

This known issue is unlikely to be encountered by consumers using Windows devices in personal or unsupervised commercial settings. Reportedly, of all the affected versions of the operating system, Microsoft has not yet fixed the failures of copying and saving files only on the latest release – Windows 11 version 22H2.

The company offered a very funny “fix” that affected customers can use. You just need to re-save or copy the files until the process runs without errors. This is the recommendation given in Redmond before the release of a full-fledged fix.

In the meantime, if the problem appeared in Windows 10 21H2/22H2 or Windows 11 21H2, you can roll back problematic updates using the function KIRby downloading and installing the following group policy configurations from the official Microsoft website:

More information about deploying and configuring KIR Group Policies can be found at Microsoft support site .

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