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GRANBLUE FANTASY: Versus -Rising- launches a new fighting game with a full new system.


Saturday, January 21, 2023, 6:05:08 PM, Indochina time

Keep moving forward, but it’s a new part instead for the game. RPG in the universe of Grand Blue Fantasy has announced the launch of a new fighting game in the name GRANBLUE FANTASY: Clash -Rising- It will be a new game. And there are many modifications that make the game quite different from the original.

For the selling point that makes fighting game players to be delighted by the game GRANBLUE FANTASY: Clash -Rising- There will be support for two systems. which will increase the fun of the game And there is no more player class division consisting of

  • Back Netcode – Help system to play multiplayer that will make the battle even more fluid
  • Crossplay – Cross-platform combat, whether it’s a game from Steam , PS5 and PS4 Can play together without problems


The great change of GRANBLUE FANTASY: Clash -Rising- It would be part of the story, which will be changed in the form of RPG mode By picking up the story from Grand Blue Fantasy: with come to use as a whole set But there will be a story enhancement, adding characters and new stories that will be added a lot.


Major changes within the game itself, whether in terms of game systems, images and details, whether

  • Adjust the visual work within the game. It is based on the visual style from the game. Grand Blue Fantasy more
  • Add a new playing system” ultimate skill This will be a technique that will help in making combos even better.
  • add new map and new characters




Including in the lobby, a new map has been added. island Which allows players to control chibi characters to run, jump using various gliders for those who are lazy to sit and watch the villagers play.


When the fight is too tight, coming out to relax may be interesting because the game GRANBLUE FANTASY: Clash -Rising- A new system has been added named Grand Bruce Legend! This will allow players to compete with each other. By changing from the fight to a different competition instead of whether

  • Rising Royal – Run and dodge obstacles to win the rank 1 from player count 100 life
  • Gold Brick Collector – Grab the gold nuggets, including steal from the opposite side. And no matter how dirty it is, it has to be done!!

For the old game like GRANBLUE FANTASY: With There is a plan for the last update in January 24, 2023 including mode GRANBLUE FANTASY: VS Blitz will be open to play until June 2023 only


Finally, the game GRANBLUE FANTASY: Clash -Rising- There are plans to officially launch in the year. 2023 Although the release date has not yet been clearly revealed. But what is certain is that the game has a plan to go down for steam , PS5 and PS4 Of course, which will be, then we have to wait and follow the news.

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