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hackers stole 250 million rupees

hackers stole 250 million rupees


Daring cyber heist happened in India: hackers stole 250 million rupees

It was possible to crank everything out without noise and dust, and when the fact of the attack was noticed, it was already too late.

A major cybercrime has taken place in the Indian city of Thana. Unknown hackers got access to one of the escrow accounts of the national bank, which kept the money of local construction companies, and stole from there about 250 million Indian rupees (approximately 275 million rubles).

An escrow account is opened with a third party, in this case a bank, to hold money temporarily until the transaction between the two parties is completed.

According to the city police, who are investigating the case, the hackers were able to break into the target company’s payment gateway and gain access to its database. By manipulating this database, the cybercriminals somehow managed to significantly increase the balance on the aforementioned account and steal money by making many small transactions to different bank accounts, making the movement of funds more difficult to trace.

Employees of the company discovered violations in their debit and credit accounts on April 14 this year. “After a thorough investigation, the company’s management found out that their financial portal had been hacked,” the police said.

The most interesting thing in this story is that a few days later, the hackers pulled off their fraudulent scheme again, thereby further increasing the losses of the construction company.

An officer from the Srinagar police station said the hackers created four fictitious companies that were used as intermediaries for transferring funds. Some of these transactions were stopped after a complaint to the National Payments Corporation of India, but by that time most of the transfers had already been made.

The police are investigating to identify the perpetrators, and the vulnerabilities discovered in the banking system will help strengthen the cybersecurity of Indian enterprises in the future.


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