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Netflix is ​​ready to dominate the summer with these 11 novelties from July 10 to 15


Netflix bets very strongly for one more week with the aim of taking over the market,

Netflix is ​​ready to dominate the summer with these 11 novelties from July 10 to 15
This film takes us neither more nor less than Barcelona

The week that Netflix does not usually bring us a ton of news is usually rare. The vast majority of the time we see how the netflix catalog thickens in a spectacular way thanks to the arrival of dozens of novelties. This week is no exception, as we find 11 novelties, each one with very different characteristics and from very different parts of the planet. Among them, we have Polish, North American and on this occasion the highlight is a film from Spain and it is also a horror movie and science fiction that will seek to provide us with a great quality.

The 11 novelties that Netflix brings to the market

The eleven news that the streaming platform is preparing for this week are the following:

  • The Unknown: The Killer Robots – Monday, July 10
  • From 19 to 20 – Tuesday, July 11
  • Quarterback – Wednesday, July 12
  • Don Carcito and the Knights Templar – Wednesday, July 12
  • Record of Ragnarok – Wednesday, July 12
  • The Survival of a Curvy Girl – Thursday, July 13
  • Ashes of the past – Thursday, July 13
  • Sonic Prime – Thursday, July 13
  • Bird Box Barcelona – Friday, July 14
  • Tactics in love 2 – Friday, July 14
  • Winter Fog – Saturday July 15

However, we are going to take a look at the ones that look the best to see what they have to contribute to us.

From 19 to 20

This series takes us to a key moment within Asian youth: the transition from adolescence to adulthood marked at the time they turn 20 years old. so while they enjoy the freedom that being young still offers them they are dedicated to living their first experiences as true adults. Both negative and positive things will be ready to surprise these young people who still don’t know much about how life works.

A korean series that aims to be quite sensitive when it comes to treat postadolescence.

Watch “From 19 to 20” on Netflix

attack player

AND documentary film about one of the team sports hardest that exist in the world. We will follow the lives of three American football players: Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins ​​and Marcus Mariota, who will talk about how complicated it is combine home life with the playing field in a position of such important responsibility as the Quarterback.

Watch “Quarterback” on Netflix

Don Stroller and the Knights Templar

A most unexpected group of adventurers will have to join forces to discover more about a relic that cannot be found. they expected to have in their hands. It all starts when a Art historian it is found in an unusual way. From that moment on, her life will change and she will have to turn 180 degrees to face dangers that she would never have imagined.

Watch “Mister Stroller and the Knights Templar” on Netflix

ragnarok record

The anime could not be missing on the Netflix platform. Thus, from Netflix they are preparing to launch the outcome of season 2 of “Record Ragnarok”. Every thousand years the gods meet to determine if it is worth defending humanity and allowing it to continue living or if on the contrary it is time to exterminate it. The last time they wake up they decide that the humanity must come to an endBut not everyone agrees. Brunhilda, the leader of the Valkyries proposes to hold a tournament in which gods and humans face each other.

Watch “Record of Ragnarok” and Netflix

Bird box Barcelona

The most ambitious novelty of the week has as its main course Mario Casas and a post-apocalyptic Barcelona. In this way, in Birdbox we travel to a moment on the planet in which societies have collapsed due to a supposed extraterrestrial force that you cannot see, because if you do, you end up committing suicide. In this way, the first installment was starred by Sandra Bullock and was quite successful with the public (although not so much with critics), for which reason they wanted to repeat this triumph with a spin-off in Barcelona.

See “Bird Box Barcelona” and Netflix

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