Home Gaming Halo Infinite hits 23 headshots in one shot

Halo Infinite hits 23 headshots in one shot

Halo Infinite hits 23 headshots in one shot


Sniper rifle Halo infinite is a very, very powerful weapon, and a new video that went viral shows how destructive a ranged weapon is.

In a new video uploaded by @sakanayalugang on Twitter, 23 Spartans line up and await their fate. As it turns out, the sniper rifle is strong enough to kill them all with one headshot. Downed players fly to the side. This gives the player a multi-kill overkill that probably cannot be played as easily in any other way:

The Halo franchise is renowned for its sandbox, which allows moments like this to happen. Apparently, players are just beginning to understand what’s possible in Halo Infinite. When Forge tools become available in 2022, the situation could become even more extreme.

Halo’s multiplayer beta was released on November 15th to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Xbox and Halo. The release of the campaign is scheduled for December 8th.


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