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Honkai: Star Rail, a 4-star character with Top Tier abilities!!


Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 7:02:55 PM, Indochina time.

Honkai: Star Rail, a turn-based RPG game, is ready to open the world with an open world space adventure. Guaranteed by games from Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact 3rd and protagonist with Honkai: Star Rail random character gacha system for players to enjoy their favorite wifu.

Honkai: Star Rail has a maximum character rating of 5 stars, but this game has been very kind to the players because Honkai: Star Rail has a strong focus on all characters. Even with a team of 4-star characters, you can easily reach the end of the game if you choose the right moves. Therefore, in this article, the author will introduce Honkai: Star Rail 4-star characters that have been on the Honkai: Star Rail Tier List since the game’s release until now. What will be there? Let’s see.

Ding Yun
fox girl Ding Yun A lightning elemental character, a support position that has an outstanding ability to protagonize the main character of our team to be enormously good many times because Ding Yun There are skills that can increase damage damage, including increasing the ultimate skill tube gauge. therefore the body of Ding Yun Therefore suitable for the Honkai: Star Rail team that focuses on pushing ATK attack power into a Hyper Carry that can carry a team such as Jing Yuan or Seele etc.

If talking about the Honkai: Star Rail 4 stars characters that are used throughout the city, there must be Aje Natasha’s name on one of them. Because at the moment Honkai: Star Rail only has a few support/healer characters. It’s no surprise that Natasha is a 4-star Honkai: Star Rail character that almost every team picks up on her. (In the absence of Bailu) In addition to the powerful healing power, another thing Natasha has is that she can remove any debuff that the Honkai: Star Rail characters in our team get hit with.


Sushang is a physically cute girl whose abilities surpass those of any Honkai: Star Rail 4 star character. A very good pick to pick up against bosses that are defeated by physical attributes. In addition, if we build Sushang well, she will become the main DPS of the team, not less than the 5-star body. Plus, the important thing is that now the physical damage in the game is very low, which makes Sushang’s importance in Honkai: Star Rail’s top characters

to stay

The Honkai: Star Rail 4 Fire elemental character will play a huge role in getting everyone through the Forgotten hall and Simulated Universe World 3-6 because in Honkai: Star Rail Patch 1.0 most bosses are defeated. A lot of fire makes Asta very outstanding at destroying those weak spots of bosses. Plus, Asta has the ability to buff DMG and SPD speed, making her quite a complete body. In the game Honkai: Star Rail, now as a 4-star Honkai: Star Rail character

March 7
March 7th or Mina, as Honkai: Star Rail game players call it. March 7th is a character that is almost like a main icon of Honkai: Star Rail since she has been involved in the story since the beginning and is a distribution character. A very useful free thing, whether it’s inflicting a frozen state on an enemy that breaks the turn for a while. But her strength is in creating islands that only a handful of Honkai: Star Rail characters can currently do. And yes, one of them is March 7th, so that makes her a 4-star Honkai: Star Rail character to build if there isn’t an island booster for the team to take the massive damage of the bosses.

It’s over for Tier List Honkai: Star Rail 4 Stars or Honkai: Star Rail 4 Stars characters who are overpowered. and should be found to be in possession of a decorative ID Because all the characters, as mentioned above, all have the same abilities as the Honkai: Star Rail 5 stars characters in the same role. Therefore, anyone who is looking for Honkai: Star Rail 4-star characters, the Honkai: Star Rail 4-star characters that the author picked up to introduce and point out the reasons will probably help you more or less in passing through the content. Various values ​​of the game

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