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Horizon Chase v2.6 MOD APK (Unlocked All Content) Download


Horizon Chase is a unique tribute to the legendary classic arcade game series of the same name. It now uses a novel 3D graphics engine for everyone to experience countless racing excitement and fun. It also features many exciting online racing modes where everyone shows off their racing skills or absolute control. Of course, the game will reimagine many iconic or familiar elements from the original game with fascinating enhancements through new-gen 3D graphics.

Horizon Chase


The genre racing has been around for a long time, and Horizon Chase has been around since the arcade generation but is now refreshed with a state-of-the-art graphics engine. Because of that, all gameplay content is the perfect combination of classic and modern elements to diversify the player’s experience. Many legendary vehicles will also be brought into the system and introduce more innovative racing modes that the main gameplay has never been fully introduced.

Horizon Chase


Although the game uses the latest generation 3D graphics engine, its visual quality still exhibits a distinctive retro style. In addition, the environment, objects, and sky also take on a distinctive color, expressing nostalgia when combined with detailed and meticulous vehicle designs. The general graphics and visual effects are also vivid and full of life, creating many complex feelings for players through its art.

Horizon Chase


Horizon Chase is now featuring retro and classic game modes, and it has a variety of creative and hilarious race modes for players to enjoy with friends. What’s great is that it integrates with the first-person control system to take the player’s experience to the next level, no matter how simple the content or style is. The game modes will change the type of vehicle required to experience new racing styles.

Horizon Chase


The variety of vehicles is also a great addition to give players more options to drive their favorite vehicles. However, the modes vehicles can only participate in compatible racing, and they possess different levels of performance but provide the sensations typical of vehicle collections. Of course, players can customize the appearance of many cars according to the style or design they love the most.


Players can invite friends to optional races in Horizon Chase, where the fun is greatly multiplied. Thanks to the freedom of customization, they can dramatically change the game’s rules, whether playing in a traditional or hybrid style, a combination of many modes. Of course, the players decide the rewards for participating in closed races and are also a suitable choice if they want to solve all problems through racing.

Horizon Chase


If players are bored with the default races in their careers, tournaments are great places or opportunities. The races in it are often very serious, and many factors determine each player’s starting position to create the perfect balance for everyone. Above all, the rewards for those activities are always generous and plentiful, suitable for players to upgrade all the vehicles they own.

Although the graphics of Horizon Chase have many similarities with retro style, its gameplay and racing modes are creative and funny. It also has more fun options for players to create closed races with friends to spend countless great moments together no matter what type of car they are racing.


  • Horizon Chase includes famed arcade racing game composer Barry Leitch. His wonderful tunes will enchant you and boost your creative happiness.
  • The Ayrton Senna Expansion Pack adds additional cars, courses, and features to the game.
  • World Wide Horizon Chase. You’ll face the sun, rain, snow, volcanic ash, and even sandstorms in each new cup. Each tune is accompanied with magnificent global postcards.
  • Horizon Chase retains the 16-bit generation’s visual context. Transparency, polygons, and secondary colors all contribute to the game’s aesthetic attractiveness. The game’s traditional racing spirit on a modern body.

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