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How interesting is the new Shaman King Flowers trailer and why you shouldn’t miss this sequel.


Wednesday, March 15, 2023, 8:24:01 PM Indochina time

Come out to get more excited When the channel YouTube of King’s Creativity has released a trailer for the sequel anime of Shaman King come out to be seen The sequel anime will be called Shaman King flower Including plans to be released officially January 2, 2024 and can read more details atthis article

For a brief outline of Shaman King flowers will be about the new main character ” Asakura Hana ” which is the son of the two main characters in the previous story ” Asakura Yo ” and ” Kyoyama Anna ” (Currently using the name ” Asakura Anna ” ) After finishing the Shaman Fight of the main part The story has been skipped again. 14 years ahead, with the story still revolving around Shaman Fight. Including new enemies that will cause headaches and nerve pain.

by anime Shaman King or the Thai name ” the king of the spirits has been adapted from a comic book in 2016. 1998 and used to be picked up to create an anime during the year 2001 But due to the different ending scene from the original and many things, the studio bridge Decided to pick up the said cartoon to make it again in the year. 2021 in order for the anime to come out as perfectly as possible

Of course, for those who have had the opportunity to follow Shaman King Before, I should have remembered the ending scene.” throw a pillow ” and ” Princess Haho together, which after Shaman King was rewritten in the original big book Teacher’s way Takei Hiroyuki brought the aforementioned story to the end and came out beautifully and closes the legend of throwing pillows But even so, Master decided to throw another seed in. by expanding the universe of Shaman King enter again under the name Shaman King flowers there

Later problem of Shaman King flowers is to continue the story with new characters like “Asakura Hana ” who has a rather raucous character and is quite different from the former main character “ Asakura Yo Therefore, most readers are not very fond of such characters.


But at least there is a good thing about that. Shaman King flowers It’s a story during 14 The following year, therefore, the characters from the old sectors, which had grown more than before, joined the story and caused the fans to miss each other somehow.


In addition, the team has released new characters from Shaman King flower come out to be seen from left to right as follows:

  • Amidamaru
  • birch aluminum
  • Asakura Hana
  • Yohanae Asakura
  • Ibuki Gakko
  • Dao man

Finally, for those who have never had a chance to watch. Shaman King before, can go in and watch the full grain of the unit together which has a length of 52 episodes, which can be accessed to watch in a very organized and full way netflix which has both Thai subtitles and Thai subtitles to be watched as well

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