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How much is charged on Kick and how to earn money on the platform


We tell you how you can start earning money on KICK, the most popular streaming platform at the moment.

How much is charged on Kick and how to earn money on the platform
KICK is Twitch’s rival platform that pays the most to creators

We are going to explain everything you need to know to start earning money on KICK. More and more famous content creators are making the leap to KICK, the streaming platform created with the aim of establishing itself with a real alternative to Twitch and YouTubethrough a program partners most aggressive (which has even led to YouTube to rethink its strategy), which gives creators the ability to keep 95% of the income generated through your content.

This policy, added to the exclusive deals that the company is carrying out together with some of the most popular creators, are making KICK one of the most attractive platforms For all those people who want to enter the world of transmission and hopefully make a profit out of it.

Start earning money on KICK: join the creator program

KICK’s great appeal compared to platforms like KICK lies in its creators program. This program was announced shortly after the service launched, and was the famous serpentine derailed trainwhich today forms part of KICK, the person in charge of reveal your details.

This is a creator program very different from other platformssince it has been decided pay each and every one of streamers of the platformregardless of the number of followers or subscribers. The platform You will pay a fixed rate depending on the number of hours that each creator remains live.

This creator program, according to KICK, exists alongside an adware program with competitive conditions, so that creators will profit for the advertising that their followers see when consuming the content.

To start earning money on KICK, all you have to do is go to the website of the platform and register. After that, you can start creating content, and when you meet the requirements, you will have the option to sign up for the creators program and earn income for your content.

What requirements must you meet?

Just like other platforms, KICK also imposes a series of requirements that must be met in order to be part of its creators program. In this case, these are the two requirements that you must meet before signing up:

  • Have a channel with at least 75 followers
  • Have broadcast a minimum of 5 hours of content

However, It is not essential to sign up for the program to be able to earn money in KICK. In the same way that other platforms, such as Twitch or YouTube, you can also receive donations of the people who see your content. This is another way to make money on kick.

How much is paid in KICK?


KICK wants to conquer streamers with the most attractive creator program of the moment

In addition to having fairly lax requirements to join the creator program, KICK also has one of the revenue sharing policies more beneficial for creators.

All those people who are part of the program, they will obtain 95% of the income generated through subscriptions and advertising, and 5% will go to KICK. Besides, 100% of the money from donations it will go to the creator.

In this sense, from KICK they have revealed the formula to be used to determine how much money must win a creator. It will take different aspects into account:

  1. The number of hours content is aired
  2. A flat fee based on KICK’s advertising CPM
  3. The average number of viewers
  4. Viewer demographics and engagement

Once the creator has earned enough money to withdraw it, it will be possible to do so through the payment gateway of the platform, Stripeon a specific day of the month; O well collect the money at the end of each stream via Bitcoin or Ethereum.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to benefit from the flat rate of KICK, it would be necessary to meet a series of requirements that have not yet been confirmed, but that would include stay active for at least four hours a day for thirty days of the monthwith the webcam activated showing his face and being of legal age. Rumors suggest that the fee could be as low as $16 per hour of broadcast**.

Kick has proposed paying all of its streamers by the hour if they meet certain conditions; if this proposal is enacted, it would become the first streaming service to do so. Conditions include the transmitter being active for at least four hours per day out of thirty days in a month, not sleeping, having a face-mounted webcam, and being of legal age. All Kick creators who meet all four conditions will be paid $16 per hour of broadcast.

Now you have everything you need to start earn money with your KICK live shows. Some believe that the current monetization policy of the platform it is not sustainablebut we must not forget that behind KICK is one of the largest online casino companies in the world, with more than enough resources to maintain a service like this. Everything will depend, yes, on advertisers and their decision to be present, or not, in the content of a platform which, as he has assured, it will be much more lax than Twitch as far as content moderation is concerned.

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