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How to add a header or footer in Publisher - Upgraded Tamilan
How to add a header or footer in Publisher

How to add a header or footer in Publisher

Header and Footer in Microsoft Publisher is used to create headers and footers on any master page. The Header & Footer group contains page number insertion, date and time insertion, and header and footer display. The master page is the invisible layer on which your publication is built.

Follow these steps to insert a header and footer into a publication in Microsoft Publisher:

  1. Adding a header or footer to a one-page master page
  2. Add headers or footers for a two-page master page.
  3. Hide header or footer on any page

On the Insertin Header and footer group, press the button Header or footer button.

The Master Page the window will open.

The header and footer text boxes and the Header and Footer toolbar appear on the master page.

You can enter text in the header or footer on the main page. You can use the features offered in the Header and Footer group; These:

Show Header/Footer: Shows the header or footer on the current master page and allows you to switch between them.

Insert Page Number: Insert a field to display the current page number.

insert date: insert current date

Insert Time: Insert the current time.

In this lesson, we decided to choose Insert Page number from the Header and Footer group.

Then close the main page.

The number will appear in the footer of your post.

2]Add headers or footers for the two-page master page.


On the viewclick Main page.

On the master page, click the icon Show Header/Footer button.

Header and footer fields appear on the home page. In Microsoft Office 365, you can use the Show Header/Footer button to switch between the header and footer.

You can enter text in the header or footer of the main page, or use the functions offered in the Header and footer group.

How to add a header or footer in Publisher

in Main page group, press the button Two pages Master button.

You can now edit the headers and footers on both pages of your two page master page.


In Microsoft Publisher 365, in the Navigation Pane, right-click the page that contains the header or footer you want to hide, hover over Main page and select None from the context menu.

The header or footer will be hidden.

To display the header or footer, follow the same procedure and select the main page from the context menu that you have hidden from the header or footer.

We hope this guide will help you understand how to change the font style, color, and size in Access; If you have questions about the tutorial, let us know in the comments.

What are headers and footers used for?

The header and footer feature is used to insert document information such as name, number, date, and even magi. The header is a box that allows you to place text at the top of the page, while the footer allows you to place text at the bottom of the page. In Publisher, header content will appear at the top of every page linked to the master page, and header content will appear at the bottom of every page linked to the master page.

Where is the master page in Publisher?

To find the master page in Microsoft Publisher, follow these steps:

  1. Start Publisher.
  2. On the View tab, in the Views group, click the Home button.
  3. The main page will open.

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