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How to craft Fireworks in Minecraft


Minecraft likes to replicate the real world, and it does so by adding real-life elements into the game. One such element is Fireworks. Minecraft allows its users to craft fireworks and use them in the game. They can be used just for fun or to celebrate anything. So, let us see how you craft Fireworks in Minecraft.

How to craft Fireworks in Minecraft

Unlike a lot of items in Minecraft, Fireworks can not be found lying around or at some specific place, in order to get hold of one, we need to make it. We are going to craft the following fireworks.

  1. Make regular fireworks in Minecraft
  2. Make Exploding Fireworks in Minecraft
  3. Make Firework Stars in Minecraft

Let us talk about them in detail.

1] Make regular fireworks in Minecraft

First of all, let us see how you can craft the basic firework in Minecraft. The regular firework will not cause an explosion and simply leaves a trail behind them. In order to craft this type of fireworks, we need one piece of paper and at least one or at most three pieces of gunpowder. The flight duration of the rocket depends on the number of gunpowder used at the time of the creation of the fireworks.

If you use 1 gunpowder, the rocket will rise between 8 to 20 blocks. When 2 gunpowders are used, the rise will be between 18 and 32 blocks. However, if you use 3 blocks, which is the most that can be used, the rise will be between 32 and 52 blocks

2] Make Exploding Fireworks in Minecraft

How to craft Fireworks in Minecraft

Not everyone likes Fireworks that just take a flight and not make any noise. Minecraft is well aware of this and has included an option to make fireworks that explode and shower gorgeous multicolored explosions. However, just like the previous one, the behaviors of exploding fireworks can be controlled by controlling the raw materials added to them.

You can add one piece of paper, 1 to 3 gunpowder, and 1-7 firework stars to craft exploding fireworks. As mentioned earlier, a number of gunpowder defines the flight of the firework but the main distinguishing factor between the two is firework stars.

3] Make Firework Stars in Minecraft

A Firework Star is essential when trying to make Exploding Fireworks. In order to do the same, you need gunpowder and color dyes. Once you have them, just put them on a crafting table and they will give you a firework star. However, these fireworks stars are not as extravagant as one likes them to be. That is why, you may want to add additional items to the mix to to make things more dramatic. Following are the items that can be added to alter the effect of the explosion.

  • Adding a Fire Charge will have a Large explosion.
  • Adding Gold Nugget will cause a Star-shaped explosion.
  • Adding any kind of Head will have a creeper face explosion.
  • Adding Feather will have a burst explosion.
  • Optional: Adding Glowstone Dust will have a Twinkle Effect.
  • Optional: Adding a Diamond will leave a trail after the explosion.

You can make various kinds of Fireworks Star and then use them when making explosive fireworks.

How to use Fireworks in Minecraft?

There are various things you can do with Fireworks in Minecraft. The most obvious one is that you can show off your fireworks by firing them and glittering the air in Minecraft. You can also hold on to Elytra and Firework and then right-click to boost in the direction you are facing. This allows Elytra to move quickly. However, the most important use of fireworks is using it as ammo in crossbows.

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How do you make strong Fireworks in Minecraft?

Firework’s intensity depends on the number and type of raw material added to it. When you add more Firework stars to the mix, your firework will be more strong, especially if your aim is to use it as a weapon. You can check the guide to know what you need to add to improve what aspect of the fireworks.

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How do I make a Firework Star Minecraft?

It is pretty simple to make a Firework Star in Minecraft. You can add gunpowder and color dyes to the crafting table and it will give a firework star. However, it won’t be worthy of boasting, if you want to make it better, you need to a few items to the mix as mentioned earlier.

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How to craft Fireworks in Minecraft

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