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How to disable Efficiency Mode in Chrome on Windows 11

How to disable Efficiency Mode in Chrome on Windows 11


Windows 11 now brings to the table a better Task Manager user interface experience with additional information for keeping an eye on important running processes, services, hardware components, and tasks. Like many of us, if you’ve been checking out the new Task Manager, then you might have seen a feature called Efficiency Mode.

How to disable Efficiency Mode in Chrome on Windows 11

How to disable Efficiency Mode for Google Chrome

The Efficiency Mode in Task Manager helps with the improvement of performance on Windows 11 computers, but it can also cause Google Chrome to freeze. If this is happening to you, then your best bet is to disable the feature for now until all problems have been solved.

Disable Efficiency Mode permanently

Google Chrome Properties

Before we begin to turn the feature off, you must first close Google Chrome if you haven’t done so already.

Simply click on the X button located at the top-right section of the web browser, and that should do it.

Once done, go ahead and right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop.

Click on the Properties option.

From the Target field, please type the following command after Chrome.exe.


Next, click on the Apply button, then select OK.

You will be prompted to give permission, so click on Continue to confirm.

Go ahead and launch Chrome using the same shortcut.

Type chrome://version in the address bar then hit Enter.

Doing this will verify if the command line flag has been appended.

Finally, check to see if the Chrome web browser is performing better than before.

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Disable Efficiency Mode via the Task Manager

Google Chrome Efficiency Mode Task Manager

If you do not wish to permanently disable the Efficiency Mode feature, then consider doing so from the Task Manager.

Bear in mind that by disabling Efficiency Mode from the Task Manager where Google Chrome is concerned, it may not stay off forever, and as such, you could find yourself having to disable it multiple times, over and over again.

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Should I turn on efficiency mode?

If you want to save CPU and RAM resources, then simply turn on Efficiency Mode in Windows 11. This feature can also be used to extend the battery life of your laptop. Now, please understand that benefits may vary depending on the computer and applications being used.

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Does efficiency mode slow down the computer?

Efficiency Mode for web browsers is all about saving energy, but this can result in a slower browsing experience. We are not sure why this is the case, but it happens so you should be mindful.

How to disable Efficiency Mode in Chrome on Windows 11


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