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How to find and use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft?

How to find and use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft?


Minecraft and its never-ending trinkets are always surprising its gamers. Heart of the Sea is one such mysterious tool that has a mixed crowd, with some being well acquainted while others remain unfamiliar. In this article, we will delve into the depth and learn how you can find and use Heat of the Sea in Minecraft.

find and use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

What is Minecraft’s Heart of the Sea?

Heart of the Sea doesn’t have a visual representation; however, it appears as a simple teal blue heart-shaped icon in the inventory. As the name suggests, this tool is rare as it is unavailable in great numbers. A user must go to a great sea depth and explore shipwrecks and ocean ruins to have enough Hearts of the Sea. Another way can be getting it from wandering traders, and hidden chests, but it’s quite time-consuming and not-so-reliable.

Why is this so important? To answer it, it is a required material to craft another instrument called Conduit. Conduit is a kind of underwater lifesaver booster that can make you look like a ‘Ripjaws’ (Ben 10) of Minecraft as it offers a plethora of unremarkable abilities to its users, unyielding underwater being the top one. Users can easily see, swim and mine faster, and break boulders in two without sweating. And one of the most astonishing ones is that it grants the ability to breathe underwater.

Find and use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft

The Heart of the Sea is only found in the soul of the sea. A user needs to make immaculate plans to get it. To make it easier for the users, we are going to dive deep into this matter.

Prerequisite requirements for finding the Heart of the Sea

Before we move forward to find the Heart of the Sea, we need to get the following things that will assist us in the journey.

  • Doors: Since we will be diving into the water for a long time, we need Doors to keep the oxygen level up. You need to make a crafting table, place it in the world, and right-click on the crafting UI. Next, you would require 6 planks of the same wood type, which can be made by breaking logs into the crafting grid. Do keep in mind that this only works in the Java edition.
  • Potions of Water Breathing and Night Vision: If are using the Java edition, or you want some other breathing point, create Potion of Water Breathing. It will allow you to stay underwater for 8 minutes. Also, create Potions of Night Vision, so that, you can see even in the darkest of the environment.
  •  Boots and Helmets: You need to get a few Minecraft enchantments to make your traveling easier. The enchantments are Depth Strider (boots), Respiration (helmet), and Aqua Affinity (helmet).
  • Boat: Finally, one would require a boat that can easily created using 5 planks of the same type of boat.

Now that we have everything we need let us see how to find the Heart of the Sea.

How to find the Heart of Sea in Minecraft

To get the Heart of Sea, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. First of all, buckle up tightly to go under the water, and kill either of these two fishes; Salmon or raw cod. During this whole journey, users are required to keep an eye on their oxygen level; otherwise, they will start choking, drone, and die.
  2. Next up, you need to find the Treasure Map which can be found in the shipwrecks and ocean ruins structures.
  3. You can find a dolphin, and feed it raw fish as a treat by right-clicking on them, as they are the key to the treasure map, shipwrecks, and ocean ruins.
  4. Find the treasures by moving to where the treasure map will be pointing towards. This map is like a guide that instructs users to dig up particular places to find the chest and, later, on, Heart of the Sea.

This will do the job for you.

How to use the Heart of Sea in Minecraft

To use Heart of the Sea, we as a user are asked to craft a Conduit that needs other materials apart from the Heart of the Sea. Nautilus shells are that other material, 8 of them exactly.

To obtain these Nautilus shells, users must fight Drownded, a zombie underwater variant. They will then drop a Nautilus shell; however, it’s one of the rare sights. Therefore, if lucky, users can also get it alongside the Heart of the Sea as they are available in those cherished chests.

Once collected, open your crafting table and place one heart of the sea at the center, and 8 Nautilus shells in other places. That’s it. Your Conduit is ready to use; just place it in your inventory and become a Minecraft underwater superhero.

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How rare is it to find the Heart of the Sea?

It is pretty rare to find the Heart of the Sea which is why they are very precious. However, if you have the correct weapon in your arsenal and the proper steps, you can find the Heart of the Sea.

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How do you find buried treasure in the ocean?

As mentioned earlier, to get to the treasure chest, users have to kill either Slamon or saw cod, and feed it to the Dolphin. They will then guide you to a place where these treasures will be present and you will have to dig them up. One of the other ways is to find a treasure map by trading it, and once in hand, using it from the inventory to start the hunt. We will recommend maintaining a composed demeanor as finding treasure sometimes gets irritating quite fast. They usually vary in different versions and updates.

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find and use Heart of the Sea in Minecraft


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