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TPM error 80284001 on Teams or Outlook [Fix]


Sometimes, as you try to sign in to Microsoft Teams or Outlook, you may encounter the TPM error 80284001. So, even though you are connected to the network, you may see an error like, Connection error – or you may see something like, Your computer’s trusted platform module has malfunctioned.

TPM error 80284001 on Teams or Outlook [Fix]

However, the error 80284001 has nothing to do with the connection, and it mainly occurs with the Microsoft Teams desktop app. Besides, a similar TPM issue has also been noticed with other Microsoft Office apps like Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook. The error code is either the same or with other codes like 80090034 or 80090030. Having said that, today we will address the TPM error 80284001 on Teams or Outlook.

What causes TPM errors?

The error 80284001 is related to the Trusted Platform Module of your device, and it mostly occurs if it’s not working correctly. Chances are that the TPM settings in the BIOS are incorrect or the drivers are outdated. However, it could also be possible that you are not running the current version of MS Office or Microsoft Teams/Outlook.

Fix 80284001 TPM error on Teams or Outlook

While there could be several reasons why you encounter the TPM error 80284001 on Teams or Outlook, we have some proven solutions that help you fix the issue.

  1. Update Windows, Office and TPM 2.0 driver
  2. Prepare TPM
  3. Backup data and Clear TPM
  4. Disable ADAL in the Registry
  5. Delete the Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin folder
  6. Take ownership of the Ngc folder and delete it

1] Update Windows, Office and TPM 2.0 driver

You may want to check if Windows OS and Microsoft Office are updated to the latest version.

Also, check if the TPM 2.0 driver is updated to the latest version, or if it needs to be reinstalled. If you have the TPM 2.0 installed on the PC, it should appear under Security Devices in Device Manager.

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2] Prepare TPM

TPM error 80284001

Sometimes, you may encounter TPM errors on Teams or Outlook if the TPM is not set correctly. Hence, make sure that you modify the TPM settings to fix the TPM error. For this, open the Run console (Win + R) > tpm.msc > Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on Local Computer > Prepare the TPM (on the right). Now, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process and this should help you fix the error.

3] Backup data and clear TPM

TPM error 80284001

Alternatively, you can clear the TPM and check if this helps fix the TPM error 80284001 on Teams or Outlook. Before that, create a backup of any important system data. Now, go to Taskbar, expand the system tray, and click the Windows Security icon. Next, click on Device Security on the left, and on the right, under Security Processor, click on Security Processor details, then press Security Processor troubleshooting. On the next screen, click on Clear TPM.

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4] Disable ADAL in the Registry

TPM error 80284001

One of the other reasons why you may encounter the TPM error on Teams or Outlook is due to an authentication issue. In this case, you can either disable the ADAL key in the registry or enable the MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) in the Microsoft 365 admin center. You can follow our detailed guide, “Your computer’s Trusted Platform Module has malfunctioned Error 80090030” for the method, and fix the TPM error 80284001. However, before you make any changes to the registry, make sure that you create a backup of the registry settings to restore data in case any is lost during the process.

5] Delete the Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin folder

TPM error 80284001

Sometimes, the TPM error on Teams or Outlook could be related to the corrupted Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin folder. Therefore, to fix the issue, it’s important to delete the folder. So, for this, open the File Explorer, navigate to the below path, and delete the folder:


Once you delete the folder, you can try logging into Teams or Outlook and check if you still see the error 80284001.

6] Take ownership of the Ngc folder and delete it

TPM error 80284001

If the TPM error still persists with Teams, you may take ownership of the NGC folder and delete it. In this case, launch the File Explorer (Win + E), and navigate to the below path:


Now, take ownership of the NGC folder and once that is done successfully, delete the contents of the folder.

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How do I fix the Microsoft TPM error?

To fix the TPM error, first restart your Windows PC and boot into UEFI or BIOS. Now, in the BIOS settings, select the Security or Advanced tab and select the “Clear the TPM” option. Now, save the changes, and restart your PC. So, whether you encounter the Microsoft TPM error 80090034 or 80090030, the issue should be fixed.

How do I fix the TPM 2.0 error?

To fix the TPM 2.0 error, for example, your PC must support TPM 2.0, the first thing you must check is if you have TPM 2.0. If yes, then make sure it’s enabled. If that does not help, you can check for the latest driver for Trusted Platform Module 2.0 and if available, make sure you update it to the latest version.

TPM error 80284001 on Teams or Outlook [Fix]

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