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How to find someone online: all the methods


In this guide we explain what you should do to find someone on the Internet thanks to different tools.

How to find someone online: all the methods
Finding someone online is possible if you know the right tools.

We are going to explain to you what are the best methods to find someone online. We show you the most effective tricks to try to locate social profiles, telephone numbers or email addresses. This allows you to get back in touch with someone or find out how things are going with an old co-worker or schoolmate.

In any case, and whatever your objective, stay until the end if you want to know the best ways to find your contacts on the Internet. we give you the best suggestions for you to get it for free and without complications.

The first step is always Google

Google is the search engine par excellence. Its database contains the information of billions of websites. Having access to all this knowledge is a first step in locating someone. It will even allow you find someone on instagram or Facebook, as long as the person used their real name.

Essentially, there are two ways to find people on the net thanks to Google. Let’s get to know them in depth.

Google search

Obviously, this method is the first one you should try. There are several possibilities to take advantage of the engine Google search when looking for people on the net.

Here are some tips that will improve the efficiency of your queries:

  • Quotation marks. If you search by name, add a few quotation marks at the beginning and end of the text. In this way, you are telling Google to search for the exact name specified. Imagine that you are looking for someone named José García. In the search box put “José García”.
  • Provide more data. If the person you’re looking for has too common a name, add some additional data to the query. For example, you can add the second last name, the place where you know or think they live or their profession. This will give Google a little more context to locate the right person.
  • Look for other contact information. Do you have the phone or email of the person you are looking for? Enter it in the search with and without additional information. Take a look at the results that each query gives.
  • Nicknames and nicknames. There are people who use a nickname on the Internet. If you know it, use it instead of the name to improve the effectiveness of your queries.
  • Make variations in your searches. It’s crucial that you add variations to your queries, especially if you don’t succeed. For example, search by first and last name by adding email. If it doesn’t work, put the email and phone without the name. And so on. The more variations you apply to your queries, the better chance you have of finding someone.

Google images

Everything we have mentioned above works equally well in Google images. Now, in addition to sending requests with text, it is also possible to locate a person through a photo.

Do you have a photograph in which the person you are looking for appears?

Image search on an Android mobile

Reverse image search is now available in Google Lens.

So, follow these steps:

  1. open the google app of your mobile.
  2. Click on the camera icon, as shown in the image above.
  3. Allows access to the gallery and selects an image.
  4. Wait for Lens to try to identify the person.

You may have to navigate a bit through the results to find what you are looking for. Remember that Google Lens also identifies other thingssuch as clothing or objects that appear in the photograph. Try to select the subject’s face so that the search focuses on it.

Social networks to power

If Google is not giving results in your investigations, another possibility that you have is to go to social networks. All of them have their own search engines that allow you to locate people.

How to find someone online: all the methods

Adding contacts from your phonebook to TikTok allows you to locate users you may know

Here are some recommendations to get more out of this method:

  • Don’t forget the usernames. Locating someone on Instagram or TikTok can become an odyssey if you do it with their real name. Therefore, try to enter queries that include nicknames or nicknames that may have been used in the profile name.
  • Take advantage of contextual data. Instagram or Facebook allow you to search for content by location. If you know what area the person you’re trying to locate is from, you’d do well to explore hashtags or specific place names. On Facebook, without going any further, it is even possible to search by study center.
  • Upload your agenda to the corresponding application. Most platforms are capable of searching your phonebook to locate users. For example, you can find contacts on tiktok or Instagram in a relatively simple way. Of course, you need to have the phone number or email of the person you are trying to find.
  • Do not forget about the less popular social networks. Facebook, without going any further, has a huge database with active profiles of millions of users. Although it is not used as much anymore, it is a good place to look. Something similar happens with other platforms, such as SoundCloud, Discord, Clubhouse and the like. It is true that they are not in general use, but you should not ignore them when it comes to finding people.

People search services

If nothing that we have proposed has worked, you still have one last way to locate people on the Internet. We are referring to specialized platforms for finding people online, such as the ones mentioned below:

  • White pages. At the time, the source was the directory of people who had a landline phone. Currently, its website redirects the user to the Yellow Pageswhere it is possible to look for businesses. If the person in question owns a store or other establishment, try looking for it here.
  • Snitch.Name. Search engine specialized in finding people in countless Internet sites. It includes a huge list of social networks, as well as other specialized sites, such as blogs or academic pages.
  • In this case, we are talking about a good starting point to find someone in the workplace. You can use data such as the company’s domain to obtain information about someone in particular.
  • webmii. An effective people search engine that only asks you for the person’s first and last name. He usually searches on Google, but the difference is that he focuses on platforms where users are easy to find, such as LinkedIn. It also includes videos and other information of interest.
  • People. This professional cutting service has a huge database of people taken from official files. If you’re trying to validate an identity for work, this is a good place to go.
  • PeekYou. Finally, the last proposal is this people locator focused on the United States. However, it includes a username search engine that works for any part of the world.

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