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How to fix a dead pixel on your phone screen


We help you figure out if you have dead pixels on your phone and talk about the solutions available to you.

How to fix a dead pixel on your phone screen
A dead pixel usually causes a small but annoying smear on the screen.

In this guide we are going to explain what a dead pixel is, how to detect if there are any on the screen of your mobile phone and what you can do to solve this problem. Read on to discover all the recommended steps to make an accurate diagnosis of the state of the panel and discover possible anomalies.

What is a dead pixel?

Before coming to the conclusion that one has appeared on the screen of your device, it is good that you know exactly what a dead pixel. All the panels are divided into small units that emit light. All of them, together, make up the image projected by the phone screen. The smallest unit of a screen is known as a pixel.

Taking this into account, a dead pixel is a phenomenon that occurs when one of the units stops working. Depending on the resolution and the total number of pixels, the effect produced by this fact can be more or less serious. But usually what happens is that a tiny area of ​​the screen is always offleaving a permanently inactive dot.

It is important to note that a dead pixel can act in two different ways. It may stay always on emitting light of the wrong color, usually white. the other possibility is that it turns off and leave an annoying black dot visible. Be that as it may, in both cases we are talking about a dead pixel.

Finally, it should not be confused with some sensors that manufacturers place under the screen. For example, some Samsung integrate the proximity sensor in an area close to the camera. Although it causes a smear in some scenarios, for example, in the reproduction of dark tones, it is not actually a dead pixel.

How to detect dead pixels on an Android mobile?

There are countless tools that help you detect dead pixels on your screen. The truth is that you will not need any of them because, as you use the device and the screen shows different contents, the dead pixel will be exposed. However, if you prefer to make sure, you can do so by following the steps below.

How to fix a dead pixel on your phone screen

With this simple test that works from the browser you can detect anomalies on the screen, such as dead pixels

From your device’s browser, access this web page. So do this:

  1. Tap on the button start test.
  2. Make a simple tap on the screen to change the color.
  3. Check if you detect points on the panel. This is a symptom that there is a pixel that is not capable of displaying the requested color.
  4. Exit the test by pressing the back button.

When we tested on our device, the color was displayed on the entire screen, except for the status bar. If that happens in your case, you may miss a dead pixel located in this area. An alternative is to load the following full screen youtube video:

Play the video multiple times to find dead pixels.

What do I have to do if I have found a dead pixel?

If, after following the instructions above, you determine that there is a dead pixel on the screen of your phone, You will have no choice but to change the screen. While it is true that sometimes it is possible for the pixel to revive on its own or that a quick change of images on the screen manages to unfreeze it from its state, it is not the most normal.

Changing the mobile phone screen is an expensive repair. Therefore, if it is out of warranty, request a quote from a specialized technician. Sometimes it is interesting to go to external repair services, since the manufacturer’s technicians usually have higher rates.

In case you still have the current warrantywhich in Spain is 3 years for products sold from the year 2022 onwards, do not hesitate to contact the brand. The technical service is obliged to attend to your case and give you a solution. The most common is that they replace the screen, but they can also give you a replacement mobile or refund your money.

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