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What is Genius link shortner for Amazon? Why to use it?

What is Genius link shortner for Amazon? Why to use it?


Amazon offers an affiliate marketing program through which website owners and bloggers create links and earn fees when customers click the links and buy products from Amazon. These links are shortened using link shorteners to enhance the user experience by creating clean links to improve click-through rates. Here, the Genius Link shortener for Amazon emerges as a game-changing tool. Keep reading this post to learn more about it and how to use it.


What is Genius Link Shortener for Amazon?

The Genius Link Shortener is a comprehensive kink management platform designed primarily to work with Amazon and other affiliates. It mainly shortens lengthy Amazon affiliate links and makes them appealing and user-friendly.

Additionally, it also offers features like link customization and detailed analytics that allow the creation, management, and tracking of links

Why use Genius Link for Amazon?


Here are some reasons to use Genius Link Shortener for Amazon:

1. Automatic Affiliation: This feature adds affiliate info and automatically monetizes links to Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, etc.

2. Automatic Product Localization: This optimizes links automatically for international shoppers, ensuring every user gets the right item and the affiliate gets credit for those sales.

3. Amazon Link Health: Checks if a link is broken or a product is out of stock and notifies the affiliate to fix it.

4. Dynamic Link Destinations: Boosts conversions by routing visitors according to language, device, operating system, country, etc.

5. A/B Testing: Routes a percentage of all clicks to different locations for the same audience segment and compares the landing page’s performance.

6. Link Management: Geniuslink offers link management features that help save time and reveal important information.

7. Comprehensive Insights: Allows affiliates to see top metrics across reports at three levels of granularity. This helps understand the audience and campaigns.

8. UTM Tagging: Offers a tagging tool to attach and track UTM tags with links. These help compare campaigns, channels, etc.

9. Describe links with notes: Let affiliates add notes to links to help their team know what each link is for, and add a reminder.

Visit geniuslink.com to get started!

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What does Genius Link do?

Geniuslink eases the process of sharing product links and helps save time and increase revenue. If it offers link localization and automatic affiliation to increase earnings quickly.

What is Amazon short link?

An Amazon short link is a trimmed of the full URL for an Amazon product. Shorter links include specific product details and help make the link user-friendly.

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