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How to free up RAM on the iPhone


We explain the process to free up RAM memory on the iPhone to solve the problems that still arise.

How to free up RAM memory on the iPhone easily
Freeing up RAM on the iPhone is very simple

We are going to explain to you how to free up ram on your iphone. A resource that can solve some problems and improve the performance of your iPhone in case you need it. A little known method since iOS manages RAM very well and it is not something that is necessary to do regularly.

Freeing up RAM on the iPhone is very simple. In a few steps you will have completed the process and immediately you will be able to notice the changes. Thanks to Touch support and others process of doing a hard resetyou can achieve it. Let’s go with the steps to follow next.

What is RAM memory and what is it responsible for doing in the iPhone

The RAM is a type of high-speed data storage that iPhone uses to temporarily store information. Unlike storage memory (such as a hard drive or SSD), RAM is used to store data that is actively being used. This is because it is much faster to access RAM memory than storage memory.

RAM is volatile, which means that the data stored in it they are lost when the device is turned off or restarted. Therefore, RAM only stores information while the device is in use. An example would be the data of the apps that we are using, for that reason no need to close them, RAM is responsible for keeping them suspended so that when you reopen them the data is still there.

What apps consume more RAM on the iPhone?

Although the most demanding games and apps are always the ones that consume the most RAM, the truth is that it can be seen that the iPhones really they need less RAM to work just as wellsince the apps take up around 40% less space than Android.

In short, although iPhones tend to have less RAM compared to Android devicesThey can perform more efficiently. This is because iOS apps and games are designed to take up less space. Therefore, these apps are optimized to use fewer resources, which can be an advantage in terms of performance and battery life.

How to free up RAM on the iPhone

Although iOS manages iPhone RAM very wellApple’s system is neither infallible nor perfect. That is why it may be necessary at some point to free up RAM memory. There is a little known but very effective method to achieve this. These are the steps you must follow to achieve it:

  1. We open the app settings on our iPhone.
  2. We enter the section of Accessibility.
  3. We play in the section Tap.
  4. we select Touch support.
  5. We activate the Touch support.
  6. We lock the iPhone and unlock it.
  7. We press volume up, volume down and the power button, which we would do to perform a force restart of the iPhone.
  8. A new shutdown menu will appear (without the SOS option).
  9. We invoke the Touch support.
  10. We touch and hold the button Home that will appear among the options.
  11. We introduce our access code to the iPhone.

Step of Assistive Touch when carrying out the process

And ready. As you see, The process is very simple and in less than two minutes you will have done it. If you want to check that the freeing of RAM memory has worked, you will only have to invoke the multitasking where all the open applications appear to see that the apps have been restarted so that the data that was stored has been deleted.

In summary, freeing up RAM on your iPhone can be an effective method to solve certain problems and improve the performance of your device, although it is not an action that should be carried out regularly due to the efficient management of RAM memory that iOS does.

This process, which is carried out through the AssistiveTouch and a force restart of the deviceit can be done in a few simple steps that will take no more than two minutes of time. With this guide, you have the possibility to more effectively manage the performance of your iPhone, optimizing the use of RAM memory when necessary.

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