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AI will become a new weapon in human clashes


US Army General: AI will become a new weapon in human clashes

How technology has changed the world after 2022.

Retired US Army General Richard Clark said that the future of armed conflicts lies with autonomous systems with artificial intelligence, and these clashes will take place in space and cyberspace.

“One person can fly 20 aircraft. We have to imagine a future with AI and autonomy and how we are going to fight against AI, autonomous ships and aircraft, and use small and dispersed systems,” Clark said, speaking at the RSA conference.

Clarke also noted that while the US was overly focused on fighting terrorism, other major world powers were developing their technological weapons to compete with America. According to Clarke, China “stole research and development from the US and has now outpaced the US in hypersonic technology.

In addition, in addition to clashes on land, in the air and at sea, modern conflicts are also fought in space and cyberspace, which the world will witness in 2022. Clarke said that no major conflict will take place without the participation of cyberspace and space – commercial satellite systems will be used. Commercial systems can provide unclassified satellite imagery faster than the government-controlled satellite imagery used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The use of AI in future conflicts will enable all sorts of devastating attacks, such as autonomous aircraft dropping bombs on cities or automated malware shutting down power grids in winter. However, the army and civil society also need to think about how adversaries can use AI to create disinformation campaigns and deepfakes.

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