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How to grow Mushrooms in Minecraft?


Minecraft is a whole world in itself. It allows you to create mansions, build objects and grow crops. In this post, we will discuss one of the most common fungi, the Mushroom. We will see how you can grow Mushrooms in Minecraft, where you can find them naturally and there are various types. So, if you are interested in learning more about Mushrooms in Minecraft, this guide is for you.

How to grow Mushrooms in Minecraft

In this guide, we will learn the following things about Mushrooms in Minecraft.

  1. Variants of Mushrooms in Minecraft
  2. Where to find Mushrooms in Minecraft?
  3. How to grow Mushrooms in Minecraft?
  4. Where to use Mushrooms?

Let us discuss them.

1] Variants of Mushrooms in Minecraft

How to grow Mushrooms in Minecraft?

Minecraft is really close to the real world, but it is not a replica of it. Unlike reality, you only get two variants of mushrooms in Minecraft, Red and Brown. Red ones do look aesthetically pleasing, but neither are edible. They can only be used as ingredients in Minecraft. Apart from these variants, there are Giant and Normal sized mushrooms in the game, however, the former is seldom found, they have normal-sized stems, but their canopy is enormous. We will learn their use hereinafter.

2] Where to find Mushrooms in Minecraft?

Mushrooms, in general, are not rare. One can pretty easily find one in areas with inadequate lighting, where the light level is 12 or below. The small ones can be easily found Nether dimension. When it comes to Minecraft Java, they are present in bedroom roofs and in biome as well. However, Gain ones are usually found in dark oak forest biomes and mushroom fields.

If you want to break a small mushroom, you need to make use of any tool or your hand. However, in order to break mushroom and stem blocks, you would need something like an Axe, which is a Silk touch enhancement tool. They will assist you in obtaining specific blocks if required.

3] How to grow Mushrooms in Minecraft?

As mentioned earlier, to grow a Mushroom one would need areas with 12 or lower light levels. So, just place a few blocks on top of an area and make the area darker. Java users can make use of the F3 debug screen to introspect the light levels. Now, implant the mushrooms and give them some time to grow. This is simple, isn’t it? If you don’t want to make the room dark, you can use Podzol, Mycellium, or Nylium blocks. 

Podzol can be created in old-growth taigas and bamboo jungles. They can also be created by the grass and dirt that surrounds the giant spruce tree variant. Whereas, in order to create Mycellium, is only found near mushroom fields. Make sure to not keep a solid block on top of it as that would revert it back to the soil. You need to go to Warped Forest biomes to get Nylium.

To gain all these blocks you must have Silk touch enchantment. Also make sure that in order to grow mushrooms, the surrounding blocks must be one of the aforementioned ones or the light constraints are maintained.

In order to grow huge mushrooms, you need to use bonemeal on the small mushrooms. This will do the job for you.

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4] Where to use mushrooms?

There are various ways by which you can make use of mushrooms. We have mentioned a few of them below, but obviously, you can be creative with them.

  • Use it to build: You can use Mushroom blocks to decorate as their earthy tone works well with most other blocks.
  • Use it as a crafting ingredient: You can use the Mushroom to create fermented spider eye, mushroom stew, and more.
  • Use it as a light source: This is probably the most gimmicky use of mushrooms, but the brown ones emit light of level 1.
  • Use it in composting: Adding mushrooms to compost increase the chance of formation of a layer by 65%.

That’s how you can use mushrooms in Minecraft.

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Is there a way to farm mushrooms in Minecraft?

Yes, you can farm and grow mushrooms in Minecraft. You just need to keep in mind a few constraints and you will be good to go. There are several other ways and with the help of particular blocks, you can grow mushrooms easily. To know how to do the same, check the aforementioned guide.

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Do mushrooms grow on their own Minecraft?

Yes, mushrooms are grown naturally in Minecraft. You can find small ones in the Nether dimension in swamps, old-growth taiga, and mushroom fields biomes. Also, you can find them in bedroom roofs and in biome as well if you play Java edition.

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How to grow Mushrooms in Minecraft?

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