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How to increase laptop battery capacity – Windows 10


It is important to keep the laptop battery running smoothly and working longer whether or not you just bought a new laptop or used your laptop for quite some time.

How to increase laptop battery capacity – Older laptops are inferior to modern laptops thanks to technological advances that give modern laptops greater battery life, performance and performance. However, you will need to plug in your powerful laptop to stay active throughout the day.

Learn about increase laptop battery life on your laptop can be increased.

How to increase laptop battery capacity

How to improve battery life of a laptop

Improve battery life windows 10 – You will not need to rush to the power outlet too often with some software and hardware tweaks, and your laptop will save longer battery life.

Quick tips

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth until it is needed. These drain the battery, even when you are connected, by finding nearby wireless connections and networks.
  • If your task requires web access, enable In-Flight Mode. This eliminates battery drain by disabling wireless radios, background apps and other programs when a single task is performed.
  • Adjust the brightness of the screen, since the display is battery powerful enough to keep the display clear and clear.
  • Unplug or disable peripherals that can drive your laptop because the motherboard must drive them, such as USB, Webcam, or mouse. For instance, you can use the laptop touchpad instead of using a USB mouse.
  • Switch off your laptop speakers if you don’t require a sound, because every Windows launch or receive emails or other reports can also drop your laptop battery
  • Make sure the drive is emptied before switching to battery power if your laptop has a drive installed. You need an extra few significant minutes from the laptop battery when working on your laptop’s spinning disk.
  • Plug in your laptop to avoid battery bottles and lower charging before the laptop dies. Similarly, you do not need to continuously plug your laptop in, if there is no smart recharge mode that prioritizes the health of the battery, which can reduce the number of charging cycles.

Close Power Hogging apps

  • Check out background apps that drain your battery faster, especially those that you don’t actively use.
  • You can check such applications in Task Manager. Right-click on the task bar, select Manage Tasks, and check under Start tab for any utility that consumes the most power.
  • Search for Users & Groups if you are using the Mac laptop, click on Login, and see applications running in the background when your laptop is starting.

Change graphics and display settings

  • If your laptop has a powerful graphics card, adjust the graphics settings so that it can use the built-in chip only for games, photo or video editing applications.
  • For Mac laptops, select the Energy Saving option for auto-switch graphics. In this way, your Mac will decide which applications will save battery power using a graphical accelerator.

Adjust Power & Sleep Settings

By adjusting your laptop power settings, you will optimize battery life when you are not connected to a power source.

  • Type Power Options in the search box and select Setting for Power/Sleep.

  • See power configuration and select battery power saving options.
  • In the Windows 10 performance battery slider, use Battery Saver. Both classes provide longer life span by suspending the majority of background applications, preventing downloading of windows updates and reducing brightness.
  • No battery power slider is available on a Mac Laptop, but in the Power Saving Options section you can adjust the settings.

Enhance your laptop battery life

  • A major concern is battery life and performance for most mobile laptop users who spend hours with their laptops in a row.
  • Modern laptops can run on a single charge for hours, but running time may not be enough to meet your needs. You can extend the battery life on your laptop with these tips.
  • We want to know what tricks you use to increase your laptop’s battery life. In the comments, share with us.

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