Home SECURITY Security risks of Scanning on malicious QR code – 2021

Security risks of Scanning on malicious QR code – 2021

Security risks of Scanning on malicious QR code – 2021

Since the start of the Corona pandemic, QR codes have had tailwinds. They are used to authenticate, register or payment. However, with the increasing use of safety risks, a study shows that.

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Malicious QR code – In a study, security expert Ivanti examined the treatment of QR codes and disagreed. Awareness and an assessment that IT security risks can be recognized are clearly divergent. A QR code has already been scanned by 80 per cent of respondents. Seventeen percent reported using a QR code on survey day, up from six percent in September 2020 in the latest survey. Faith has also increased in QR codes. 40% of respondents do not hesitate to use these codes at this moment.

Contact restrictions are reflected in their usage: for instance, 32% have scanned and 22% used the QR code in the restaurant, bar or cafe. And 62 percent think that QR codes make everyday life easier.

However, with increasing numbers of people using QR codes for increasing numbers of measures, the security risks also increase. QR codes can, for example, call, pay or divulge the location of the user by calling the victim’s terminal.

Still, users often do not know these risks – or overestimate their knowledge about them: A malicious QR code can be detected by 51% of the respondents. At the same time, however, 36% say they have already scanned a QR code that led to a suspicious website, or that has led to unexpected acts. In Germany, Ivanti conducted the survey.


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