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How to know if a product you are going to buy in AliExpress is fake


We explain all the details that you have to take into account to know if what you are buying in AliExpress is legitimate or if, on the contrary, they are trying to sell you a fake product.

How to know if a product you are going to buy in AliExpress is fake
To know if a product in AliExpress is fake, it is necessary to look at the small details

We are going to explain to you, in a clear and simple way, how to know if an AliExpress product is fake. Because although AliExpress is a 100% secure website, the quantity and variety of items sold in this conglomerate of stores is such that sometimes we may have doubts about what we are going to buy.

The good news is that it’s nothing complicated detect if the product we are going to buy is fake, since there are a series of fairly clear signs or clues that will reveal the seller on duty.

5 signs to spot a fake product on AliExpress

Just like it happens on AmazonAliExpress is home to millions of sellers and, given its beastly sales volumeit’s normal for some “bad apples” to slip through. So, although we have never had any problems buying on AliExpress, it is worth taking some precautions.

This is all we look at.

Check that the Aliexpress store has a good reputation

How to know if a product you are going to buy in AliExpress is fake

This is undoubtedly one of the keys to detecting fake products on AliExpress: the store reputationa value that you can check if you place the mouse over its name, as we see in the following screenshot:

Here you will see the seller’s detailed score: everything related to the opinions that their customers have expressed about the condition of the item, the communication with the store or the speed of shipping. It is obvious to say that we should not trust any store with a rating below four starseven four and a half stars.

If you want to see the opinions in more detail of the article in question, _scroll _down all the way and, when the description of the article is finished, you can read them calmly. Opinions can include photos of the product, in order to give you a clearer idea of ​​what other people who ordered the same product have received. Likewise, another of the clues that reveals whether a store is trustworthy or not is since when has it been running. A store like Ugreen, which has been open on AliExpress since 2010, will be more reliable than one opened in January of this year.

Beware of offers that seem too good to be true

How to know if a product you are going to buy in AliExpress is fake

But like, the new Samsung Galaxy S23 for only 300 euros? I buy it! Big mistake. If you see an item on AliExpress ridiculously discountedespecially if its original price is very high, it is usually desired by many people and it has just come out, it is practically certain that it is a fake product. On AliExpress, Amazon and any other online store. Never trust the chollazos impressive: look at which store sells it, the product description… Honestly though, don’t waste your time. Save or simply buy a product that you can afford.

Compare product photos

How to know if a product you are going to buy in AliExpress is fake

When you locate the desired product on AliExpress take a good look at the photos which includes the seller. Even in the opinions expressed by consumers, you can see the photos that they attach. Now, compare them with official photographs of this product and detect any possible differences that may exist. In fact, the latter is much better than seeing the seller’s photos, because the seller may post original photos to mislead on purpose.

Take advantage of AliExpress Plaza

How to know if a product you are going to buy in AliExpress is fake

Within AliExpress we find aliexpress square. If we buy a product within AliExpress Plaza we will be making sure of several things. The most important is that we are going to buy the product from sellers who They have their own warehouse within our country, so we avoid customs and we have a Spanish guarantee. Not to mention, of course, that you could have the article on at home in about three days.

When it comes to returning a product if you are not satisfied, or if you suspect that you have been given a pig for a poke, in AliExpress Plaza you may have a little more luck than in the usual AliExpress. If you find a Spanish seller the return procedure it will be much faster (yes, there are sellers in AliExpress Plaza that have a warehouse in Spain, but they are abroad, so this entire procedure could be much more tedious).

Beware of replicas

There are times when no one is deceiving us: in the product description itself we can be warned that the product we are about to buy it’s a replica or very similar to other brands. The seller is not deceiving anyone, but you can get confused, you think it’s the real thing, and go to the checkout.

How to claim a fake product on Aliexpress

All these steps are to be taken into account before proceeding with the purchase. But now, what should we keep in mind? when has it arrived to know if it is false or true?

Compare it to one that you know is actually legitimate. If it’s clothing, look closely at the seams and finish. You can even take it to a professional in the textile sector to assess it. If the product is electronic, look at the serial number and look for it on the official page of the product brand.

And if we have verified that it really is a fake product, how do we claim? In this case, we will have to go to ‘My orders’, choose the item in question and, later, ‘Open dispute’. This video explains in detail everything you need to know about disputes on Aliexpress.

We live in a privileged time in which we have the possibility to buy any item we can imagine and have it at home in a few weeks, or even 24 hours. But this variety carries certain risks, and that is that the picaresque increases. With these tips that we have given you to spot fake products on AliExpressI’m sure you’ll take very little risk the next time you buy something.

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