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How to know if my Instagram account is hacked


These 5 clues will allow you to find out if your Instagram account has been stolen.

How to know if my Instagram account is hacked
Acting quickly against hackers is vital to recover your Instagram account

Do you suspect that your Instagram account has been hacked? So let’s show you how can you find out and what should you do in this case. Unfortunately, this situation is not strange, so Instagram has certain actions that will allow you to regain control of your account, although first we must verify that a stranger has entered it.

How to know if your Instagram account has been hacked

There are many ways to find out if your Instagram account has been hacked. As we said at the beginning of the article, it is a relatively common situation. You wouldn’t be the first or last person to get hacked. To find out, look at these signs. If one happens to you, suspect, but if several happen to you, you can practically confirm the hack.

You can’t get into your account

Of all the signs that an Instagram account has been hacked, the clearest is that you are unable to log in. It is true that you may have confused your password, but If you have tried several combinations and you cannot access, maybe you have been hacked.

You have received an email about an unknown login

When you log in to Instagram from an unusual device, the social network will notify you by sending you an email. The email will indicate the time, location and type of device from which your account has been accessed. Doesn’t that start ring a bell? Then it is most likely that it is a third person who has managed to access your account.

Instagram notifies you that you have tried to change the associated email

You may have an email associated with your Instagram account. If you try to change it, You will receive an email from notifying you that the mail is going to be changed. In the event that you receive something like this without you having altered the address, it is because the hacker wants to modify the email address associated with your account. Fortunately You can revoke the change from the same email.

Be careful, because also hackers may falsify this email. They can write a fake address, but very similar, for example, changing the “l” to “i” capital letters to imitate it. In addition, they will surely ask you for your account credentials to supposedly save your security. If you receive an email of this style, verify that it is true.

Strange Comments, Stories, and Posts

On certain occasions you can keep your Instagram password and email, but when you enter you will realize that you have published strange comments, stories or photos. This content can be of any type, but the normal thing is that they are commercial promotions. A common hacker practice is to steal accounts to sell them to brands that advertise through them.

The inbox has strange messages

The last clue to find out if your Instagram account has been hacked is to see if messages have been sent from your account that you did not send. If this has happened, you can practically confirm that a third party has access to your account. Go to the inbox to check it out. The intruder may have deleted messages, but don’t worry, Instagram allows you to recover deleted conversations.

What do I do if my Instagram account has been hacked?

If you have verified that your Instagram account has been hacked, you must enter in this link and respond to the form. It’s about a Instagram menu to report the hacking of your account. It is only accessible from Internet browsers, whether on a computer or mobile, not from the app. It is possible to access it whether you maintain control of your account or if you can’t even access it anymore.

Click on "My account has been hacked" to recover your Instagram account

Report the theft of your Instagram account from this section

The form several possible responses, each designed for a different situation to recover your instagram accountsince it is not the same to forget the password than to be hacked. In this case you must select the first option: “My account has been hacked”. Then you will have to enter your username, phone number or password so that those responsible for the social network contact you and tell you how to act.

This menu is especially useful if hackers have changed your password, but if they haven’t, change it as soon as possible. Changing your password will sign you out of all your devices, so intruders will not be able to access it again and it will expel them from the session.

How to prevent my Instagram account from being hacked?

Apart from the typical tips to improve account security, the best thing you can do to avoid being hacked on Instagram is enable two-step verification. So when you go to log in on a new device, where you never logged in, the social network will send you a code by SMS that you must enter on that device. In this way you will confirm your identity.

To turn on two-step verification on Instagram, do the following:

  • Open the Instagram app and go to your profile
  • Tap on the 3 stripes from the upper right corner.
  • Choose Settings and privacythen account centerafter password and security and finally Two-step authentication.
  • choose the way for which you will receive the security code.
All the steps to follow to activate Instagram two-step authentication

Turn on two-factor authentication to prevent future hacks

It is a simple process that It takes a couple of minutes to complete and it will avoid future problems. Also, in case they try to hack us in the future, we will be notified when we receive the code. This method is not only available on Instagram, but also on other social networks, such as TikTok. If you have problems with the latter, We show you 5 keys to find out if your TikTok account has been hacked.

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