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How to seal unemployment from your mobile: do it step by step


Depending on your Autonomous Community, you must use its employment application or access its digital employment portal. We explain what to do in each one.

How to seal unemployment from your mobile: do it step by step
Skip the SEPE queue by sealing the strike from your mobile

It is essential that you seal unemployment every 3 months if you are unemployed. You can do it in person, but It is much more comfortable to carry out the process from the mobile. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it, because we are going to explain how to seal unemployment from your mobile phone step by step.

Indeed, sealing – or renewing, since it is the same – unemployment is vital to continue collecting unemployment benefits and requesting certain rights while you find work. To seal the strike from the mobile we will use the unemployment application of our Autonomous Community or its digital portal, in case it does not have an app. Although to carry out the management we will need a certain official document.

What do you need to seal unemployment online?

To carry out the procedure you will need one of the following 3 things:

  • Cl@ve PIN
  • electronic ID
  • Digital certificate

The fastest is to obtain the Cl@ve PINwhich can be easily obtained from home. It is an identification system through which you receive a code by SMS to your mobile, which you must enter in the state apps or pages from which you manage any public procedure.

Register in Cl@ve PIN

On the other hand, requesting the electronic DNI or the digital certificate are longer processes. Anyway, if you want to do it with electronic ID, This is the official website to get the electronic ID. Keep in mind that you must go to a DNI Issuance Office in person.

If opt for the digital certificate, In this article we explain how to get it. Remember that stamping unemployment is not the only procedure that you can manage with this document, if you want to discover everything you can do with your digital certificate, In this other article we explain it to you.

Seal the unemployment via application or website

Each CCAA has its own appexcept Aragon, Castilla La-Mancha, Catalonia, the Community of Madrid, the Basque Country and Ceuta and Melilla. In these you must renew the unemployment from their digital employment portals.

Capture of the Andalusian SAE, an application that allows you to seal unemployment from your mobile in Andalusia

The SAE is the application that Andalusians must use to seal the strike from their mobile

First we will show you the links for download the corresponding app to your CCAA and then where to seal the strike in the rest.

Applications to seal unemployment by Autonomous Community

Each app has different menus and sections, but most are pretty intuitive. They all have a section called “Demand Renewal” (or a similar term) to carry out the process. Simply download the app that corresponds to you, enter your data and seal the unemployment from your mobile.

It is important Do not confuse these applications with My Citizen Folderanother public app from which it is possible to carry out a large number of procedures.

Download SAE for Android

Download SAE for iPhone

Download SEPEPA for Android

Download SEPEPA for Asturias

Download SCE for Android

SCE Download for iPhone

  • stonework: EmployCantabria

Download EmpleaCantabria for Android

Download EmpleaCantabria for iPhone

  • Valencian Community: Labor Point

Download PuntLABORA for Android

Download PuntLABORA for iPhone

Download SEXPE for Android

Download SEXPE for iPhone

Download MOBEM for Android

Download MOBEM for iPhone

Download Soib for Android

Download Soib for iPhone

Download Employment Rioja for Android

Download Employment Rioja for iPhone

Download SEF for Android

Download SEF for iPhone

Download SNE-NL for Android

Download SNE-NL for iPhone

Renew the strike in the other Autonomous Communities

It is possible that your Autonomous Community does not have an application to seal unemployment. In this case you must access your digital employment portal. Don’t worry, the process is just as simple. You just have to click on the following Community that corresponds to you and enter your data.

Depending on the community The following links will take you directly to the unemployment renewal section or the welcome page of the employment portal. In the first case, as in Catalonia, you only have to enter your data to start the process. In the second case, as in the Basque Country, you will have to identify yourself on the welcome page to be able to navigate the portal and find the section to renew unemployment.

Screenshot of the Aragonese INAEM

In Aragon you can renew the strike from the INAEM page

In the case of Ceuta and Melilla the management is carried out from the State employment portalsince they do not have an autonomous page.

Seal the strike in Aragon

Seal the strike in Castilla La-Mancha

Seal the strike in Catalonia

Seal the strike in Madrid

Seal the strike in the Basque Country

Seals the strike in Ceuta and Melilla

Go to SEPE by appointment

We recommend you seal the unemployment online because it is much faster, but you can always make an appointment at the SEPE offices to carry out the procedure in person. Of course, ask for it in advance.

Make an appointment in person at SEPE

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