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How to take screenshots on your PC easily and quickly

How to take screenshots on your PC easily and quickly


You only need to press 3 keys to open the screenshot function in Windows, one of the most useful in the software.

You've been doing it wrong all your life: this trick to take screenshots on your PC will save your life
Forget the old methods, this is the best way to take a screenshot on your computer.

One of the most popular methods to take a screenshot with your computer is the one that consists of press the “Print Paint” key. However, we have recently discovered an alternative that is just as simple, but more useful when capturing your computer screen. In addition to allowing you to choose directly what area of ​​the screen you want to captureit also copies the image to the clipboard and saves it to your computer so you don’t lose it.

We are among the users who have been doing the screenshot wrong all their lives, so this has become directly one of our tricks windows favorites. Just have to press 3 keys simultaneously to open the Snipping feature of the operating system and take the screenshot. Let’s see what those 3 keys are and all the options available to you when using this feature.

How to take screenshots on your PC more easily

about press the “Print Paint” key to save the screenshot to the computer clipboard is one of the best known tricks Windows. However, Microsoft is going to kill this very useful function after 20 years.

Don’t worry, because the time has come discover a more complete method to take screenshots in Windows. This trick does not capture the entire screen, but allows you to choose which specific area you want to capture. By manually selecting the part of the screen, the capture copied to clipboard so you can share it through other programs and save as image in the team.

It’s all part of the Windows Snipping tool, created to make your life easier when taking screenshots on your computer. If you want to open this function, all you have to do is hit the Shift + Windows + S keys. You can see them marked in the next image.

Keys for screenshot on PC

These are the keys to easily take a screenshot on your PC.

Pressing Shift + Windows + S at the same time will darken the screen and a small options menu will appear on top. There you will find 4 ways to select the area of ​​the screen you want to capture: rectangular, freeform, windowed or full screen mode.

If you opt for the first, you will have to unfold a rectangle on the screen until the desired zone is selected. If you prefer freeform mode, you’ll be choose by show of hands the place of capture. window mode capture only that, the windowleaving out the taskbar and other items while in full screen mode capture everything you see on the screen.

Once you select the zone, a notification will appear that it will confirm that the screenshot has been copied on the clipboard and what has been saved like a new image. That way, you can go directly to a conversation to paste the screenshot or add it to a Windows document, for example. You will find the saved image inside the “Screenshots” folder in the “Images” section of the PC.

Thanks to this trick, the screenshot will be copied and saved just as you want without opening other applications. This is how the Windows Snipping Toolwhich promises to be even more important in future updates. If before you had to spend minutes to capture the screen of your computer, this trick will make your life much easier.


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