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Precision Neuroscience shows how to read the human brain


Thoughts in plain sight: Precision Neuroscience shows how to read the human brain

The company used its Layer 7 Cortical Interface system on humans for the first time and was able to see the clearest snapshots of human thought.

For the first time in history, Precision Neuroscience spent human clinical study using its unique Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) system. Using the thinnest electrode grid, which was attached to the surface of the brains of three patients during a neurosurgical operation, the company was able to capture and visualize brain activity in high resolution. This made it possible to see the most detailed pictures of human thought ever taken.

The goal of Precision Neuroscience is to create technology that will help patients with paralysis and other severe illnesses communicate with the outside world through their thoughts. The company’s Layer 7 Cortical Interface system is an electrode grid thinner than a hair that can flexibly conform to the shape of the brain without tissue damage. In the future, the company plans to simplify the mesh implantation procedure and introduce it through a small incision in the skull.

Precision Neuroscience is one of several companies working on BCI technology. However, it differs from competitors such as Neuralink, Paradromics, and Blackrock Neurotech in that it avoids electrode penetration into brain tissue, which can cause damage and inflammation. The company claims its approach is safer and more effective.

Precision Neuroscience is continuing its pilot study and intends to perform the procedure on two more patients in the coming weeks. The company is awaiting full approval FDA to your first generation device by next year.

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