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How to use PlayStation Plus on Windows PC

How to use PlayStation Plus on Windows PC


PlayStation Plus is available for computers powered by Windows, and this has been the case for some time. Now, before we go forward, we need to point out that PlayStation Plus is a subscription-based service.

How to use PlayStation Plus on Windows

In the past, its sole purpose was to make it possible for gamers to play online games among other things, but the times have changed. These days, PlayStation Plus is also home to Sony’s much-talked-about PlayStation Now service.

For those who are wondering, PlayStation Now is similar to Xbox Game Pass, but instead of offering all new Sony games for free on release day, it brings to the table classic and indie games that can be downloaded and played locally or streamed.

How to use PlayStation Plus on Windows PC

The information laid out here will explain how to effectively use the PlayStation Plus service on Windows.

What are the hardware requirements for PlayStation Plus?

Folks who are interested in taking advantage of what PS Plus has to offer must first ensure their computer is up to the task. Your computer should be powerful enough to run the application and the games without a hitch.

To make sure this is so, please set Windows 8.1, or Windows 11/10 as your preferred operating system. This will not work on Linux or Mac at the time of writing, so don’t even think about it. Now, when it comes down to hardware specifications, a 2.0 GHz Intel Core i3 processor or better is required.

If you’re a fan of AMD instead, then seek out a 3.5 GHz A10 or better processor. In terms of RAM, we suggest having at least 2GB along with 300MB of storage space for the application.

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What are the supported PS Plus controllers?

Unfortunately, you are limited to PlayStation controllers if you want to play your favorite games on PS Plus via your computer. So, if you’ve long been playing with a controller on your computer, there is a high chance you’ll need to spend extra to acquire a new controller specifically for this service.

To be more precise, only the DualShock 4 controller is officially supported on PC for playing games on PS Plus. Yes, you could use the DualShock 3, but you may come across compatible issues here and there.

As for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, Sony has yet to allow support for it on PC, but we are certain this will change in the future, however long that may take.

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How to get the PlayStation Plus application?

Before you can begin using PS Plus, you must first download and install the application to your computer. Head over to the official PlayStation website to download this file; and since the size isn’t out of this world, it shouldn’t take a long time to accomplish.

After installing the application, it will be available via the Start menu, so open and select it to launch. From there, sign in using your PSN account credentials, and if you have two-factor authentication attached, you’ll need to deal with that to get in.

Since you’re now signed in, all 700+ games are available for you to play. Now, the folks at Sony add new games periodically, so there is always something fresh for gamers to consume.

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What are the best settings for PlayStation Plus on Windows?

The PS Plus application should now be installed on your computer, so with that being the case, you can connect your official PlayStation DualSense 4 controller and get the ball moving. This is done via either Bluetooth or USB, so you have options to choose from.

Bear in mind that after connecting your controller, you will need to use the mouse to switch into controller mode via the top-right section of the screen. After that, you can use the controller in the same way it is used on your PlayStation 4.

Additionally, we need to talk about saving games. It is possible to save all your games as you normally would with PS Plus on a PlayStation console. Furthermore, users can share their game saves between a Windows PC and a PlayStation by saving the file to the PlayStation Plus Cloud.

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How to get to your games on PlayStation Plus

The PS Plus service on Windows does not make it easy for users to find their favorite games. For some reason, it lacks a search function, which means, folks will have to navigate to a particular category and cycle through until the preferred title is found.

This is very backward, we must admit, so we hope in the future Sony will solve this problem once and for all.

As it stands right now, your best bet is to know what you want to play before cycling through the over 700 titles available on the platform. Not knowing what you want will make life much more difficult, and that’s something you do not want to contend with.

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Which country is not supported by PS Plus on PC?

At the moment, streaming games on PlayStation Plus where PC is concerned is not supported in countries such as Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. Things will change in a future update, so for now, folks living in those countries will have to wait.

Can I use PS Plus code from another country?

No, you cannot. That is because voucher codes are country-specific unless otherwise stated on the voucher itself. It means that whenever you’re redeeming a voucher, the PSN account in question must match the country or region from which the voucher code came. Bear this in mind if you intend to gift voucher codes to someone living in a different country from yours.

How to use PlayStation Plus on Windows


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