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How to use the Android emergency application


Configuring the Android emergency app is practically an obligation. Take care of your health and discover here how to use and configure it correctly.

How to use the Android emergency application
The Android emergency application is usually included in most phones (it does not necessarily have to be downloaded).

Proving once again that Google cares about the safety of all its users.its mobile operating system, Android, has a tool that allows you to store important data that could save us in emergency situations. Call “Emergencies”This app is available in Google Play Store and already works in most countries in Europe and America.

If you are interested in knowing how to use itAll you have to do is keep reading our article. In it we will show you what type of information related to your health you can add, as well as what are the most useful functions.

How to configure the Android emergency app?

Add emergency information on Android

It is very important that you add correct information about your health, your life could depend on that.

The first steps that you will have to take to be able to configure this app are practically crucial. As soon as you run it on your mobile, the tool It will ask you to fill in some very important fields about your personal health, what are those data? The ones we mention below:

  • Blood type.
  • Emergency contacts to call in case of an accident.
  • allergies
  • Medicines.
  • If you are an organ donor.

Notably the interface presented by this app is extremely easy to use. Of course, to be able to use it, it is necessary to have Android 12 at least. If your terminal has a version of Android earlier than the one mentioned, you must update mobile device.

Automatic response in emergencies

Emergency SOS Android

By pressing the power button of your terminal 5 times in a row, you can activate the function called “SOS Emergency”.

One of the most useful functions that this app haswhich is factory integrated into certain mobile devicesis the call “SOS emergency”. By activating this option, your mobile will execute various actions, what kind of actions? Those that we comment on in the following list of points:

  • Plays a countdown alarm. The mobile will play a loud sound when the function is activated “SOS emergency”.
  • Will make an emergency call to any phone number we have selected.

It is important to clarify that this function is not activated automatically, since the power button of the mobile must be touched 5 times in a row or more. When the terminal detects this pattern, it will activate the function “SOS emergency”.

emergency location service

emergency location services

From the emergency service, 911, they can know your location in a matter of seconds.

This is one of the most useful functions that the Android emergency app has. When it is activated, the operator in charge of answering your call will receive the exact place where you are.

In this way, the emergency service should not carry out any type of extra action, because at the moment of receiving the call, your terminal will send you the exact coordinates of your location in real time.

earthquake alerts

Android earthquake alerts

The Android emergency app has the ability to tell you if an earthquake is being recorded in real time.

If you are in a country where earthquakes are regularly recorded, this is one of the functions that should be activated in the Android emergency app.

When an earthquake is registered and the authorities send a notification massively to the entire population, your terminal will show a screen full of information about everything you have to do to protect yourself. It should be noted that you will also be notified if the earthquake was near the place where you are (this is done due to possible aftershocks).

Wireless emergency alerts

Android Wireless Emergency Alerts

Your mobile phone operator can send you emergency alerts.

Do you want to receive information instantly about any type of national emergency? if your answer is “Yeah”you will be practically forced to have to enable wireless emergency alerts.

Once you activate this function, you will receive those alerts that are sent in bulk:

  • extreme threats: extreme risks to life and property.
  • serious threats: Serious risks to life and property.
  • AMBER Alerts: emergency bulletins on kidnapping minors.
  • test alerts: You will receive tests from the provider and monthly tests from the security alert system.

Is the Google emergency app not available in your country?

Find emergency app on Android

You can find the Android emergency app from your mobile settings.

If you want to use this useful tool, but you can’t download it to your terminal, do not despair! The same could be included from the factory. In these cases, you will be able to access all these functions from the “Setting” of your mobile, and later entering the option called “Security and emergency”.

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