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How to use the Draw tab in PowerPoint to draw on slides during a presentation


How to use the Draw tab in PowerPoint to draw on slides during a presentation

The Draw tab in Office allows users to draw on documents or slides. The Drawing tab in PowerPoint lets you sketch with pen, pencil, and markers; it also has features to convert shapes, text, and math numbers and symbols to ink; it has features like Ruler and Lasso Select. The Draw tab is available in Microsoft Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint.

How to Use the Draw Tab in PowerPoint

This post will show you different ways to use the Draw tab in PowerPoint:

  1. Using the Select tool in PowerPoint
  2. Using the lasso selection
  3. Using a pen, pencil, marker and eraser.
  4. Using the ruler
  5. Using ink for text.
  6. Using ink to shape.
  7. The use of ink in mathematics.
  8. Using Handwriting

1]Using the Select Tool in PowerPoint

The Selection tool is used to select ink, shapes, and text areas of objects.

To use the Select tool, click Select in the Drawing Tools group on Draw and select ink on the slide.

Your camera is now moving the ink around the entire slide.

2]Using lasso selection

The Lasso Select feature highlights the ink by drawing a shape around the image. The lasso effect can be used to separate drawings from each other.

Draw an image on the slide with a pen, marker, or pencil.

Then click Lasso Select and draw it over the ink you want to separate from the drawing and then remove the ink.

3]Using pen, pencil, highlighter and eraser

On the Draw tab, the Pen, Pencil, and Highlight buttons help users draw on the slide. The eraser removes ink from the slide.

  • Handle: click pen in the Drawing Tools group, select a color and draw on the slide. From the drop-down menu, you can set the pen thickness, and if you need more color options, click More Colors.
  • Pencil: Click Pencil in the Drawing Tools group, select a color, and draw on the slide. In the menu, you can set the color and thickness of the pencil.
  • Marker: click highlighter in the Drawing Tools group, select a color and draw on the slide.
  • Eraser: click Eraser in the Drawing Tools group, select eraser and wipe the ink you want to remove from the slide. You have 3 types of erasers, namely stroke eraser, dot eraser and segment eraser.

4]Using the ruler

The ruler draws lines and aligns objects with the ruler.

Click Ruler in group stencils.

You will see a large ruler on the slide.

You can use the ruler to draw lines or align objects.

To disable the ruler, click Ruler again.

5]Using the Ink to Text feature

The Ink to Text function converts Ink to Text .

Draw text on the slide.

Then click Lasso Select and circle the text in ink.

Then click Ink to Text in the Transform group.

Handwriting is converted to text.

6]Using the Ink to Shape feature

The Ink to Shape function converts Ink to Shape .

Draw the figure in ink on the slide.

Click Select and press ink shape.

Then click Ink to Shape in the Transform group.

The ink shape is converted to shape.

7]Using the Ink to Math function

The Ink to Math function converts a handwritten math expression to text.

Draw a mathematical expression on the slide.

Click Selec button t and press expression.
Then click Ink to Math and you will see two options: Ink to Math or Open Ink Equation Editor.

Choose Ink to Mathand the ink will be converted.

If you choose Open Ink Equation Editor the math input control opens.

Draw a mathematical expression on the graph in the dialog box.

You will see the result in the box above.

Now click Insert.

The expression is inserted into the slide

8]Using Handwriting

Ink Replay automatically reproduces the creation of visible ink strokes.

Click Ink Replay in the Repeat group.

Is there a drawing feature in PowerPoint?

Yes, PowerPoint has a Draw tab that contains commands that allow you to draw digital ink on your slide; You can also use a digital eraser to erase the ink. The Draw tab is in the menu bar.

How to enable or add the Draw tab in PowerPoint?

  • If the Draw tab is disabled, click to enable it. file.
  • Then click Options in backstage view.
  • The PowerPoint Options dialog box opens.
  • Click Customize the Ribbon tab on the left side of the dialog box.
  • Now check the Draw box, then click OK.

How to draw in PowerPoint 2016?

In PowerPoint 2016, the Draw tab is not in the menu bar, so to enable it, you must go to the Ribbon Options setting.

Once it’s enabled and you click on the Draw tab, you’ll see features like Pen, Eraser, the ability to change ink color and width, Lasso Selection, Ink to Shape, Ink to Mathematics” and “Ink Reproduction”.

How to exit drawing mode in PowerPoint?

If you draw on a slide with a pen, pencil, or marker, but then want to stop using the pen, pencil, or marker. Press the Esc button on your keyboard to stop using the pen to draw on the slide.

The above is information on how to use the Draw tab in PowerPoint to draw on slides during a presentation. Let find out in the comments which one worked for you. Also, all your questions are welcome in the comments section below.

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