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How to use the Steam Achievement Manager


Unlocking Steam achievements can be fun, but some achievements are hard to get. Whenever you encounter such elusive gains, there is no need to give up because there are ways to make things work in your favor.

The idea here is to use the Steam Achievement Manager (SAM) to unlock all the hard-to-find achievements with relative ease. Now we have to point out that the Steam Achievements tool is not a creation of Valve, but it seems to work better than originally expected, which is great. This post contains all the information you need to learn how to use the Steam Achievement Manager.

Steam Achievement Manager

Steam Achievement Manager is an open source tool that allows users to unlock and organize any achievement from any game through Steam. This tool has been around since 2008, and while Valve doesn’t support it in any form, the company has never said anything bad about it either.

Where to download Steam Achievements Manager

If you are interested in downloading and installing SAM on your Windows PC, you need to go to the official GitHub page. The tool is packaged in a .zip archive and the size is not very large so it won’t burden your hard drive.

Will Valve ban anyone from using the Steam Achievement Manager?

As mentioned above, Valve has never rebuked SAM in the last 13 years, but at the same time, the company has not yet praised the program. This means that as long as users are not banned right now, the company always has the opportunity to make an official announcement in the near or distant future.

So, for now, people can use SAM without worrying about getting banned, but things can change, so always keep that in mind.

How to use the Steam Achievement Manager to unlock achievements

How to use the Steam Achievement Manager

Once the program is installed on your computer, you will quickly find out how easy it is to use and how effective it is in unlocking achievements in many of the games available on Steam right now.

  1. Open Steam Achievements Manager.
  2. From there, allow it to scan your PC for supported games.
  3. The scan should take about 30 seconds, so wait for a while.
  4. SAM should now display a list of supported games associated with your Steam account.
  5. Next, you need to select games from the list.
  6. The tool will download the list of achievements available for this game.
  7. Choose one or more achievements connected to the game.
  8. Press Commit Changes.

Right away, you should see an achievement popup trigger suggesting that the Steam achievement has been unlocked. Keep in mind that the popup will only appear if Steam is currently running.

Is it safe to use the Steam Achievement Manager?

As far as we can tell, the Steam Achievement Manager seems to be 100% safe to use. After all, it has been around since 2008 without any major complaints from users or any form of blacklisting from Valve.

Can I get banned on steam for using the achievement manager?

Valve will not prevent players from using SAM to unlock achievements, at least not currently. However, there are some developers who do not approve of cheating to get achievements, and they may issue a ban. There are few such developers, so for the most part you have nothing to worry about.

Is it possible to reset achievements on Steam?

We’ve heard a lot of people wanting to do this, but as far as we can tell, Steam doesn’t support this feature and it’s not known if it will be added in the future. However, you can use mods to reset achievements, but then you run the risk of being VAC banned.

How many achievements can be in a Steam game?

According to Valve, a game on Steam can have a maximum of 100 achievements. This notice was sent to developers back in 2018 with the goal of putting an end to fake games.

How to use the Steam Achievement Manager

We hope this article covers all the ways to use the Steam Achievement Manager. If you found this article really helpful to you, please share this information with your friends, relatives, family and others. See you in the next posts!

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