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You can already see the trailer of the BlackBerry movie, and it looks great


The film, which was in the production phase last August, is now ready to be released in US theaters on May 12, pending confirmation of the world premiere date.

You can already see the trailer of the BlackBerry movie, and it looks great
BlackBerry Q10, one of the latest phones with BlackBerry OS.

The BlackBerry movie is already a reality. Last August we learned that a film about the brand was in productionand today we have been able to see the trailer of it on YouTube. Today the iPhone is universally considered to be the first phone of the smartphone era, but before Apple released its phone BlackBerry was on top.

The brand suffered an unfortunate fate despite having reigned in the mobile phone market for a long time. When their latest models with their own operating system failed tried to reinvent themselves by making Android phonesbut the play did not go well for them either. That led to final goodbye to the brand at the end of last year and, with this sort of biopic, we are going to relive his rise and fall.

BlackBerry history on the big screen

The film about the history of the Canadian brand (which, by the way, is called Blackberry) It will be released on May 12 in the United States.. In it, the events of its rise and fall will be told in a more or less compressed way, trying to fit them all into the footage of a Hollywood tape.

What we can see in the trailer reminiscent of movies focused on the financial worldhow can they be The wolf of Wall Streeteither the big gamble. In it we see a kind of compilation of the best moments of the company’s origins, as well as the beginnings of its fall from grace.

In it we see two young men Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Friedin (played by actors Jay Baruchel and Matt Johnson) creating the company from scratch with the help of Jim Balsillie (played by actor Glenn Howerton). Through them we revive the launch of the first iPhone and what the company did to respond to the threat it posed.

For now criticism is melting into praise towards the tape. Rn Rotten Tomatoes has a rating of 95% out of 100 based on 20 reviews. We’ll see how it does at the box office when it finally opens, but the trailer leaves a very good taste in the mouth.

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