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iOS 17 beta 3 now available: discover all its news


The third beta for developers is already among us and we will tell you all its news.

iOS 17 beta 3 now available: discover all its news
All the news of iOS 17 beta 3

After two weeks of waiting, Apple released the third beta of iOS 17 for developers. A version that also comes loaded with news just as it happened in the second version. Of course, not as many as in the first, but it does come with performance and stability improvements because let’s remember that the public beta should be coming soon.

iOS 17 beta 3 It comes with new features that are obvious, but also with small details that must be discovered by testing the beta. So, below we are going to tell you about all those new features that come to the iPhone with this new version. Let’s go with all of them.

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iOS 17 beta 3: all its news

The beta versions are just for this. Test novelties, new things, small details and above all, stability and performance with them installed on the iPhone. As for the what’s new in iOS 17 beta 3we have the following:

  • Mental Wellness: Apple wants to continue improving the health section where we can record our emotions and that is why it has made small design changes. The colors of the different emotions have changed and now the buttons and background of the section are adapted to our mood.
  • What’s new in Apple Music: in the second beta, we had the inclusion of new widgets. In the third, we are given the possibility to see the credits of the songs.
  • New Home interface: In Control Center, the interface of the Home app has changed slightly.
  • Messages: In the send item selector, the photos selector now shows an icon with your most recent image.

And these are the most obvious innovations in iOS 17 beta 3. But they do not end here, because there is more. Especially when it comes to visual changes.

Other new features of iOS 17 beta 3

Having already seen the main novelties of iOS 17 beta 3, a few that have gone more unnoticed are also worth mentioning, such as the following:

  • In the send items selector in the Messages app, we can move the different elements to have them ordered to our liking.
  • In section Settings > General > iPhone Storagenow we can filter the order of apps by size or the last time we have used them, for example.
  • In the Timers section of the Control Center, the interface for a long press has changed slightly.
  • Visual changes in the Settings app when you go to search for something.
  • In the mode Restingwhen you touch a widget, it gives you the option to open the app.
  • Small interface changes in the section dialing from the photos app.
  • new icons for creating profiles in Safari.

And these are the small changes that come with iOS 17 beta 3. Because yes, they are also important even if they are not as showy as the main news. Remember that iOS 17 is currently for developers, but if you want you can try on your iPhone.

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