Home Tech iOS 17 has the four features that users have requested the most

iOS 17 has the four features that users have requested the most

iOS 17 has the four features that users have requested the most


iOS 17 stands out for incorporating four of the most requested functions by users of the Apple ecosystem.

The wait is over: iOS 17 has the four features that users have requested the most
iOS 17 comes with the four most requested features

Weeks before the presentation of iOS 17, rumors began with the possibility that Apple’s new operating system came with some of the most demanded functions by users… so it was. Well, it is true that iOS 17 does not come with great news per se, but it does have small ones. details that make the iPhone experience much better.

among those small details there are some of the functions that users have been asking for for a long time, such as the possibility of linking notes to each other, interactive widgets, Crossfade in Apple Music or collaborative lists which will also reach the streaming music service of the Cupertino company.

iOS 17 incorporates -finally- interactive widgets

The widget They have become the great protagonists this year. These small pieces of information have invaded the Apple ecosystem and in what way. We have them on the iPhone. the iPad. The Mac. And the Apple Watch. And it’s not just that we have them on all operating systems, but also they are interactive.

This means that we can perform actions with them without having to enter the app in question, such as, complete reminders or take actions with the Home app to turn off or on the HomeKit products you have at home- All from the widget.

Widgets in iOS 17

The interactive widgets of iOS 17

Plus, they’re not just interactive on the home screen, they are also in the blockade thanks to new standby mode. When the iPhone is charging in a horizontal position and enters this mode, the widgets that we have configured appear and they are also interactive.

Possibility to link notes to each other

Third-party note apps are the order of the day, and they all have one thing in common: the possibility of linking some notes with others within the application. A very useful resource with which we can, for example, create a main note with links to the most relevant notes to have easier access to them.

In a way, that’s just what has come to the native Notes app on the iPhone, but in a simpler way because we remember that Apple is not focused on professional users, but in most. For that reason, the method used to link notes is much easier than in third-party apps like Craft or Obsidian.

Notes in iOS 17

Link some notes with others

To add a link to another note within a note, we just have to type >> and select the note in question. When you tap on the link, you will go directly to the note to be able to consult it. The bad thing is that unlike other apps, the mother note does not appear in the destination note, but hey, that can change because we are in beta phase.

iOS 17 adds Crossfade and collaborative playlists in Apple Music

Although nothing was said at the developer conference, Apple Music now has Crossfade. For those who don’t know, Crossfade is a feature that allows you to remove silence between songs to have the feeling that playback never stopsas it links the end of one song to the beginning of the next. That of Apple, it must be recognized that it is very well achieved.

On the other hand, Apple Music will also have the ability to create collaborative playlistswhich means that we can have a list that is not only ours, but that other people can participate in it to add songs. Undoubtedly, another of the most desired features by users and that Apple has done well to implement.

AirDrop is now semi-automatic in iOS 17

Another of the functions most desired by users was the airdrop improvement. And Apple has said, your wishes are commands. Now, we can not only send our contact poster to another person just by holding the iPhone close to theirs, but we can also send content automatically.

The only thing to do to achieve this is to enter the photos application, for example. In it select the images and bring the iPhone closer to the other person’s, boomthe selected images will be sent to the other device in the blink of an eye. Small additions that greatly improve the experience.

In conclusion, iOS 17 may not mark a revolution for Apple, but it does represent a significant evolution in terms of functionality and ease of use. The new operating system incorporates features highly requested by users, such as interactive widgets, the ability to link notes, Crossfade and collaborative playlists in Apple Music, as well as a semi-automatic AirDrop feature.

These enhancements reflect Apple’s ongoing commitment to refine and improve the user experience, underscoring the company’s philosophy of putting the user at the center of everything they do. With the release of iOS 17, Apple once again shows its dedication to continuous improvement, delivering a more intuitive and dynamic operating system that is sure to be well received by the iPhone user community.


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