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ISS Detector Pro v2.04.62 Pro MOD APK (Patched/Optimized) Download


ISS Detector Pro will be a valuable tool for identifying satellites on Earth and determining their precise location. Only users will be able to uncover the attractions in this instructional application. Users will be overwhelmed by the application’s size and the increasing number of functions. We shall be transported between actual and virtual worlds and will be able to see the entire planet. The program is becoming more powerful and providing us with the finest experience possible.


If you have a passion for all things in the universe, then the application is a particular point. This application will help you see the night sky most realistically. One more remarkable is the unique tracking ability of the application that will help you see everything on this earth.

ISS Detector Pro ISS Detector Pro


Users only need to choose the feature of observing all the satellites around, and then you can be responded immediately. The application will help you to observe the most realistic satellites, and from these satellites, you will see the bright spots that you need to pay attention to. The interesting point is that this observation will help you see the highlights of that satellite through an intermediate prism.


Of course, every satellite will not stand still on earth and can move at any time. Users can use the feature to calculate the displacement of these satellites, and this will help you change the direction of view to see the satellite you want. This calculation is increasingly being upgraded to have relatively high accuracy so that users can rest assured of using it.


Users can select the places they want to observe, then use the zoom feature. The ability to launch will be very high, and users will be able to see all the satellites and stars around the earth. The maximum zoom will be more known to users with the use of capturing satellites around the earth and observing its changes.


Another attraction of the application is the unique ability to track comets. This feature will help you see all the nearby comets around the earth and be able to see how fast they are moving. Observation is the most realistic way to realize the characteristics of all types of comets.


The application will feature notifications about the movement of satellites and stars. The application offers this notification feature, which will help users to observe the movement most clearly. Moreover, this notification helps users to arrange a time for monitoring. Many types of notifications can be used, such as message notifications, ringtone notifications, etc.

– Users can choose the places they observe and then make observations according to what they want.
– The application will be able to let you pass through the international space station, and here you will collect valuable information.
– The notification feature will allow you to receive changes in satellites and not miss out on the observation survey.
– The application also has a unique satellite image reduction feature in addition to the zoom feature.
– Users can manually calculate all displacement directions by the parameters that will appear on the application.
– Users can observe all satellites around the earth and moreover can observe nearby planets.
– The application can help us track both objects around the earth and rockets fired from space.

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