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it will only cost you 8000 euros

it will only cost you 8000 euros


Quantum computers are considered the future of computing.

You can now buy the first portable quantum computer in history: it will only cost you 8,000 euros
You can now buy your first quantum computer; if you have enough money

Quantum technology is not the stuff of science fiction today. It may just remind many people of the wonder movies of Ant-Man, but if we move away from the disney+ catalog we find that they actually exist and the truth is that they aim quite high. While the big companies on the world scene fight to achieve what is known as the quantum supremacysome smaller companies are already beginning to commercialize their own quantum computers. Of course, for a price within the reach of very few.

The first quantum computers for the home are called Gemini Mini, Gemini and Triangulum and have been developed by a company from China known as SpinQ technology. Of course, the cheapest of only 2-qubit of process costs more than 8,000 euros and the most expensive It will cost us about 55,000 euros.

quantum computers

First of all, it is important to know what is a quantum computer. These are very interesting systems that have been investigated for years. They are faster and more energy efficient than normal computers. The reason is in its system based on qubits. While computers are binary and show ones or zerosin the qubits can be shown ones and zeros at the same time.

In accordance with news.amthe first system has 2-qubit and landed first in the educational institutions of China, Taiwan and Canada, where students will be able to learn the principles of programming in quantum systems of these devices. Now anyone with the $8,700 it costs will be able to afford it, although it’s not something that everyone can use, since it’s not particularly easy.

The cheapest of all has a weight neither more nor less than 14KG and it has the “CASTOR” software to be able to simulate operations of up to 8 qubits. The next on the scale is the “Gemini”, which also makes a huge jump in price and reaches 39,000 euros, although it is not really known why, since it has exactly the same power as its predecessor.

Finally, the “Triangulum” model is the last of this triad of personal computers and has 3 power qubits. It incorporates the “SpinQuasar” software and weighs more than 40 kilograms. Thus, even if they are personal laptops, they have quite little.

Despite all this good news and the unaffordable price, from the middle japanese PCClockensure that these terminals are very good for learning but that They are not used to carry out scientific research.. This being one of the strengths of this type of terminals since save a lot of time in data analysiswe find that then they could only really be useful for academic settings.


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