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Large-scale offline meeting for IB specialists: CISO – Forum 2023


Large-scale offline meeting for IB specialists: CISO – Forum 2023

For the 16th time, Moscow will host an event that brings together the main cybersecurity trendsetters.

An increase in the number of cyberattacks on Russian companies, turnover fines for the leakage of personal risks, new sanctions against domestic IT companies, import substitution and a talent pool, continuous risk assessment – these are the top 5 topics without which not a single discussion of information security specialists can do today .

Join the discussion on these and other questions on XVI Intersectoral Forum of Information Security Directors CISO – Forum2023. The main motto of 2023: MOBILIZE!

Participation of Chief Information Security Officers – FREE!


  • NEW ARRIVALS: what to expect CISO today? What ups and downs are coming today?
  • ANTIPLANARKA: Information Security in conditions of lack of human resources. where and what hurts?
  • ON STAGE INTERVIEW: available about the unacceptable. unacceptable cybersecurity events.
  • PREVIEW. NGFW: which vendors carry ngfw? hallmarks of a good ngfw.
  • HOPE AND SUPPORT: what will the dominance of domestic software and hardware lead us to?
  • MASTER CLASS. security architecture.
  • MASTER CLASS. Faberge on the table: how to prove your security?
  • MASTER CLASS. do not open the container: ensuring the safety of container transportation

and many many others.

Forum speakers include: Alexey Lukatsky (Positive Technologies), Ilya Borisov (VK), Dmitry Gadar (Tinkoff), Ilya Zuev (Raiffeisenbank Russia, Artem Kalashnikov (Gazprombank), Alexander Kanatov (Stakhanovite), Alexey Martyntsev (Norilsk Nickel Sphere), Alexey Mirtov (Yandex Cloud), Veronika Nechaeva (CORTEL), Mona Arkhipova and others.

Register to the forum yourself and invite your colleagues!

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