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Download Lines Pro – Icon Pack v3.4.8 APK (Full/Patched) for Android


Lines – Icons Minimalist is a popular app icon sketching app for Android. The icons are all simple hand-designed with the publisher’s unique imagination. In addition, the center of the transparent borders will allow you to display your stylish wallpaper under those icons. This is the pro version that comes with handcrafted icons, matching wallpapers and time, battery, and weather display widgets for your screen. The app also offers customizable colors, sizes, fonts, and over 200 selected backgrounds to apply to your widget. Line icons are xxxhdpi. They mean HD resolution or high enough resolution to get the most eye-catching icons on the device.


Many icon filters have been updated to allow users to choose and modify for non-thematic icons in Lines – Icons Minimalist. This unique feature will give users more choices to change the look and feel of their phones and can edit their colors or sizes to fit their devices better. In addition, on Android 11 devices, the application has fixed the error of the wallpaper not saving so that users no longer have any problems when saving the edited wallpaper for their phone. Some incorrect translations have also been removed so that users don’t misread the information.

Lines Pro - Icon Pack Lines Pro - Icon Pack


In order for users to have more options when changing phone delivery, Lines – Icons Minimalist has updated with more icons. 100 new icons are added to the app with the current free count of 2560 and the current Pro icon count of 4987. The diversity and uniqueness of icons will provide users with a wide variety of choices and creations. create a unique interface in your own style. In addition, you can manually edit the icons in most launchers very simply and easily by pressing and holding the icon you want to edit. It will then bring up the editor so you can do anything with it. If your gadget stops updating then check your system settings or your battery and make sure there are no problems.


Featuring over 3200 beautifully handcrafted HD icons with white outlines. Handmade icons will make your interface unique and new for you to apply and change. In addition, you can customize the icons by pressing and holding them to change the color, font, and size; help create artistic icons in your own style. More than 200 HD wallpapers are downloaded from the cloud, so you can choose and save the ones you want to apply to your home screen. Backgrounds consisting of the sky, clouds, or hand-selected landscapes have been edited to nicely display and highlight the white icons.

Lines Pro - Icon Pack Lines Pro - Icon Pack


XXXHDPI line icons are modern high definition, transparent color, and designed with white borders around included for the super large HD screen of the app. All icons are 192×192 sized to fit your Android screen size. Because most of the flat line icons in the app are transparent, they allow each icon to show the landscape wallpaper you apply. Lines – Icons Minimalist also contains more than 3200 different clear, flat, and simple outline icons with many variations of available icons like phone, contacts, camera that you can use to change your look.


The wallpaper selector is installed so you can adjust it to fit your screen, or you can set it to your own preference. Besides, you can also request more line defects through the “Request” tab in Lines – Icons Minimalist and add white outline icons, clean and work better with dark wallpapers. The application also supports Muzei to rotate the wallpaper according to their wishes or if the wallpaper is not in the correct orientation according to the screen. Icons will be updated and added regularly to have more diverse choices and change many unique and stylish screen interfaces. Launchers that you can edit on the app include a battery, digital clock widget, analog clock, weather to make a more impressive home screen look. Launchers compatible with this app include Nova, ADW, Yandex, Apex, Atom, Evie, Solo, Nine, Lucid, LG homepage, and a host of other smart launchers.

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