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Meta might be blocking access to Instagram Threads from Europe


Threads is still not available in Europe, and may still take a while to arrive.

Meta might be blocking access to Instagram Threads from Europe
Some users are no longer able to access Threads from European regions

Instagram Threads is still not available in Europe due to the regulations described in the Digital Markets Law (also known as DMA). Despite this, in recent days there have been different methods that allow Threads to be installed even in regions where the app is not available officially.

But everything seems to indicate that Meta is taking action on the matter with the aim of preventing users from bypassing the restrictions and using the social network in countries within the European Union. so they have indicated several users of the app to 9to5Macensuring that Threads content is no longer available in European regions.

Some users have stopped being able to enter Threads from Europe

Until now, it was enough install the app through a source outside the Google Play Store on Android to be able to access the social network and use it normally. This is how millions of people outside of America have started using the application, boosting the number of users to more than 100 million after less than a week since its release.

But Meta seems to want to avoid any troublesome situation triggered by this kind of practice, and would have started to restrict the use of Threads outside of officially supported regions. As reported by users of the app, Threads has stopped loading content such as notifications or user profiles, and does not allow post new content to those who access from outside America.

The only one solution to the problem goes through use a VPN service on devices and change the location to a supported region, such as the United States.

For now, Meta has not ruled on the matter, and it is unknown if the restriction is temporary or if it has been decided to cut it off until the platform has authorization from the European Union to be launched in Europe.

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