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Microsoft CEO announces layoffs of 10,000 jobs


Saturday, January 21, 2023, 2:23:33 PM, Indochina time

Microsoft It announced it would lay off all 10,000 jobs beginning today and finish by the end of the third quarter of fiscal year 2023 in a company blog post published Jan. 18. top executive of Microsoft at Satya Nadella Mention the layoffs and summarize what he feels. Microsoft Priority must be taken to ensure that the company is prepared for both current and future recessions. while maintaining growth

between game departments, developers and operating system Microsoft It remains a world-renowned brand that influences both gaming and the world of work in different ways, with more than 220,000 employees worldwide. The announced layoffs are less than 5% of its total workforce. Microsoft But it will cost the company $1.2 billion. (about 39,325,800,000 baht) in compensation in the second quarter of 2023

These costs include compensation for qualified employees in the United States. Which will be higher than the normal market value, 6-month continuous medical expenses, career change service And notify the termination of employment 60 days before whether the state determines or not. In addition, employees affected by non-U.S. company layoffs will receive benefits consistent with the laws of their country.

Although it is not specified where this release will take place. But the loss of this large number of employees is likely to affect all parts of the company. Microsoft one way or another for sure This may include those in the community. Xbox although Microsoft There will be a 3% increase in revenue from the brand. Xbox In 2022, and most recently, it set a record quarterly profit for its gaming division. Microsoft however Microsoft And other companies continue the trend of mass layoffs in the New Year, which seems to have become the norm by now.

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