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Mundfish has released a new trailer that delves into Atomic Heart’s gameplay.


Saturday, February 4, 2023, 2:47:39 PM, Indochina time

Mundfish developer Atom Heart has launched trailer New nearly 9-minute long that delves into the game’s long-awaited mechanics and combat. trailer It shows everything. Atom Heart Presented from scenes, stories, battles and weapons.

story in Atom Heart Occurred in the USSR in 1955, began when Dimitri Sechenov Soviet scientists create a battalion of robots with AI aid, which controls the use of all human labor Leaving humans free to live a life of comfort and luxury, where all is well until someone sabotages an updated version of the technology that allows humans to control machines with their minds. After that the machines started attacking the humans and Utopia quickly collapsed.

In which the player will play the role of a man named Grade-3 who is the elite soldier of Sechenov Joined to find out why machines are being reprogrammed to turn on human functions and to restore neural networks to their previously peaceful state. In addition, players will explore Facilities 3826 It is a scientific proving ground that spreads across and beneath the mountain range. There, players will fight a variety of enemies tailored to specific scientific research conducted in each location’s five laboratories.

In addition, players will have companions who are AI name charge them by charge them to live inside that special glove Grade-3 Worn on the left hand and appearing as a bundle of black wires like a snake, which the way charge them will be AI who keep explaining the story, giving anecdotes about the characters NPC Even mentioning the background of the way Grade-3 himself in addition charge them Can also hack robots and devices. And he can also blow up enemies with ice power and power. telekinetic in battle

Considering other things, it’s quite reasonable that Mundfish explained about Atom Heart that is a game Doom and Wolfenstein The crazier version

Atom Heart will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S on February 21, 2023

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