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Microsoft commits to keeping Call of Duty on PlayStation for the next 10 years


Call of Duty was the only priority.

Microsoft commits to keeping Call of Duty on PlayStation for the next 10 years
Phil Spencer continues to underpin details for the final purchase of Activision Blizzard

Microsoft and Sony have already agreed. The future of Call of Duty on PlayStation has already been securedand both Jim Ryan and Phil Spencer have satisfied their conditions. Microsoft will make more money by ensuring the continuity of this franchise on PlayStation, and PlayStation is securing a decade of Call of Duty installments for retain the vast audience behind their games at Sony.

The agreement with Call of Duty that PlayStation craved

Phil Spencer and even Brad Smith took it upon themselves to speak publicly about this agreement via Twitter. Both key figures from Xbox and PlayStation wanted, in this way, to show transparency in their intentions to ensure Call of Duty’s continuity in the competition, something that had been of particular concern to Sony since said purchase was first announced.

Spencer statedannouncing the agreement, the following: “We look to a future where all gamers have a choice to play their favorite games”. Smith, for his partadds more context and ensures that “Since day one of the purchase, we have been committed to addressing the top concerns of developers, platforms, and regulators”.

In the last days key events are taking place that have accelerated this deal. The first of them, Microsoft’s victory against the FTC in court after an agonizing litigation. The second of them the expected agreement between companies rivals to ensure the continuity of this title. and the third of them it can happen very soonwith the definitive announcement of the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Xbox before July 18 (or later, paying the large penalty for breaching the time limit).

However, to close this agreement, there have been quite striking data, such as PlayStation’s willingness to sacrifice a five-year deal (now four, since it happened in 2022) so that Sony would keep all the games of the industry giant during that time. Jim Ryan preferred ten years of Call of Duty without any other gameand that controversial decision has been the subject of debate among the community in recent days. This implies that Xbox is free to make the decision that the rest of the games are exclusive.

The atypical generation of price increases

As for Microsoft, with the constant increase in clients, plus the imminent expansion of titles available that will be after the closing of the agreement, it recently made the decision to raise the price of Xbox Game Pass and of the Xbox Series X, a news that, logically, did not like too much in the community. However, Xbox’s position is on the way to strengthening itself against the competition and that allows you to make decisions to increase your profits without the same trading penalty.

PlayStation already made the decision to increase the price of its console much earlierand they justified it by the increase in manufacturing cost caused by the war between Russia and Ukraine. We are approaching three years of age, and it surprises locals and strangers that the price of consoles is estimated upwards instead of downwardsbut times change, and the community is still willing to pay the increased prices, as reflected in sales.

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