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Microsoft Teams Status not updating or changing


Microsoft Teams has become a crucial component of many businesses and organizations. Nevertheless, several Microsoft Teams customers have voiced complaints about being unable to read Status or that the Status is not updating. Other users can see the Status Unknown error as well. So, you are not alone if your status is hidden, frozen, or not updated. It has occurred to many users. The good news is that you can solve it. This post will help you resolve the issue where your Microsoft Teams Status is not updating or changing.

Microsoft Teams Status not updating or changing

Microsoft Teams status not updating or changing

Given below are three methods that will help you solve the issue of status not updating or changing in Microsoft Teams:

  1. Reset status on Microsoft Teams
  2. Change status via Microsoft Teams app on your phone
  3. Clear up Microsoft Teams Cache

These suggestions should work without an administrator account.

1] Reset status on Microsoft Teams

The first method you can use is resetting your status in your Microsoft Teams app. Here is how you do it:

  • Open your Microsoft Teams app on your PC
  • Click on your profile icon at the top of the Teams app window
  • Drag the mouse toward the status and click the Reset Status option from the context menu.

Select a new status and check whether Teams update your chosen status.

2] Change status via Microsoft Teams app on your phone

If you use the Teams app on your phone, log out of Teams on your PC, update the status on your phone, and then log in back into Teams on your PC. Here is how to change the status via Microsoft Teams app on your mobile phone:

Teams App Change Status

Open the Teams app on your mobile phone and click on your profile icon in the top left corner of your screen. Select the preferred status and exit the app. Now, open your Microsoft Teams app on your PC and check whether the status is updated.

3] Clear up Microsoft Teams cache

The following method you can use to solve this issue is by clearing up Microsoft Teams Cache. Before clearing up the cache, close the Microsoft Teams window by clicking on the Show hidden icons arrow on the taskbar, right-click on the Microsoft Teams icon, and click on Quit.

Microsoft Teams Folder Windows

  • First, open the Run dialogue box by pressing the Windows key + R.
  • Copy and paste the following path %appdata%/Microsoft/Teams and press the OK button.
  • All items in the directory should be deleted to clear the caches.
  • Open Teams and check whether you can update the status.


Combining chats from all other Microsoft Office apps into one with Microsoft Teams makes a lot of sense. But, a rogue status can cause a lot of problems in organizations. Therefore, it is crucial to fix it. One of the solutions will undoubtedly resolve the issue and restore order to this situation. A few glitches here and there are to be anticipated with any software. So, through this article, I hope you can now appropriately view the status in Microsoft Team.

How long does it take for Microsoft Teams’ status to change?

The time it takes for a Microsoft Teams status to change can vary depending on several factors, including network connectivity and the performance of your device. It is usually instant, but if there is a network issue, it could take as long as ten minutes. The status change happens when you manually change the status, switch a device, or log out of the Teams app. When you manually change the status in Teams and switch to another device, the status may remain the same. There are also settings in Teams. For example, you set or change status automatically or manually change it; these settings could also affect the update time.

Does Team status automatically update?

Your status will automatically update in Microsoft Teams based on your activity by default. Your status will be set to Available if you actively use the Teams app. However, if your device is locked or you are away from your desk for a prolonged time, your status will be set to Away. The behavior of status updates ultimately depends on the settings you have chosen. If the automatic status updates are enabled, your status will change automatically based on your activity, but if it’s turned off, you will need to set the status manually.

Microsoft Teams Status not updating or changing

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