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Moowan with the record of reaching the Grand Final and ending with the word champion every time.


Wednesday, December 14, 2022, 2:39:41 p.m. Indochina time

Bacon Time’s Moowan Carey After winning the APL 2022 title, it still comes with a record that is extremely rare in any esports game. Moowan’s statistic is that when he enters the Grand Final, he will end with the word “champion” every time

The 100% Winrate record in Moowan’s Grand Final round with the RoV game has dragged on more than 5 times, starting with the first champion with the Toyota Diamond Cobra team in the RoV Pro League Season 3 competition, at that time Moowan and the Black Snake team entered. Playoffs as a dark horse team

Because at that time there were favorite teams like Buriram United Esports and Bazaar Gaming, but the conclusion that came out was Toyota Diamond Cobra, winning all the way in the bottom line before going up to wash their eyes with Bazaar Gaming, the team that sent them down to the bottom bracket ready to win. beautiful champion

Moowan’s other four championships came when he moved to pink pig team Bacon Time in late 2020 and Moowan exploded in the RoV Pro League 2021 Summer, leading Bacon Time to the RoV Pro League title in several rounds. years successfully together with my best friend when I was in the Toyota Diamond Cobra like Getsrch

And the year 2022 is truly Moowan’s golden year, because in the RoV Pro League 2022 competition, both Summer and Winter, Moowan and the Bacon Time team have swept the championship in all items. Earn individual awards like MVP of Pro League or best performing player in the tournament.

As for the final champion, we don’t have to talk much because it was Bacon Time’s international champion, APL 2022, last Sunday. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Moowan is someone who has the qualities of a champion.

Because competing in the Grand Final, in addition to having to go through many teams in order to enter this round In the actual competition that will determine the champion, the pressure will never stop coming on you. But this doesn’t seem to work for Bacon Time’s RoV pro player, Moowan.

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