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More than twenty years later it is still the best fantasy saga and it is perfect for a marathon


At the time they caused a lot of sensation as they were the biggest movies of all time.

More than twenty years later it is still the best fantasy saga and it is perfect for a marathon
This movie saga was impressive at the time and still is.

Hay sagas that are immortal and that year after year they continue to garner millions of fans despite the fact that years have passed since its launch and this is one of the classic kings of fantasy cinema that has not yet been dethroned. We are talking, of course, about “The Lord of the Rings”, one of the greatest epic fantasy epics that have ever been filmed. As he HBO Max Catalog such as Amazon Prime Video They will allow us to see this saga of films, so it will not be particularly difficult for us to enjoy it if we have one of these platforms. That said, let’s see why it continues to raise passions more than 20 years later.

The Lord of the Rings, the most epic story in cinema

In the “Shire”, Frodo Baggins has a quiet life typical of the rural world of the hobbits. However, he is going to receive an unexpected inheritance from his uncle, a ring that holds a terrible burden. Meanwhile, the forces of evil are gathering around the supposedly dead Dark Lord in order to recover that ring. For this reason, Frodo will have to take charge of the terrible mission of destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom. For this he will have the “Company of the Ring”, a diverse team that will try to help him in his mission. Meanwhile, bloody battles will take place between humans, elves and dwarves in their war against the orcs of Mordor. The dimension is of an epic scale and offers an impressive quality in its production.

The trilogy offers more than twelve hours of fun. Unforgettable characters, epic battles and a plot that it basically brings together all the tropes that have been replicated since JRR Tolkien released his work eighty years ago.. In short, it’s the best. fantasy movie of History and it still seems that he has not found a true rival to match.

For the moment, none of its successor productions has managed to defeat it in quality. Could not nor Peter Jackson himselfwho tried to adapt “The Hobbit” and although they are very funny films they do not come close either in quality or in practical effects. In fact, the prequel being more recent it has aged much worse from the constant abuse of CGI in the film. In this way, this trilogy hopelessly loses to the original trilogy. The same goes for “The Rings of Power” which after all the marketing deployed around it He has not managed to win over everyone and it will be played completely in the second season.

  • It is an epic fantasy story with the classic fight between good and evil to reign on earth.
  • His characters have an overflowing charisma and the relationships between them are already part of the history of cinema and literature.
  • It has gigantic battles that have not yet been surpassed in the world of cinema.
  • There are very interesting stories within the plot that allow us to better understand the world in question.
  • None of its successors have managed to beat it in epicism.
  • They are long films, full of details and with incredibly high production values.

we can see the Complete saga of “The Lord of the Rings” on both Amazon Prime Video and HBO Maxso there are various options that will allow us to enjoy the saga.

Watch “Lord of the Rings” on Amazon Prime VideoWatch “The Lord of the Rings” on HBO Max

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