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Nest founder creates smart bin that turns food scraps into chicken feed


The subscription to the smart trash service is priced at $33 per month.

Nest founder creates smart bin that turns food scraps into chicken feed
Mill smart bin is able to process food scraps and turn them into chicken feed

Before being acquired by Google, Nest was a start up focused on the creation of smart home devices, such as thermostats. It was founded by Tony Fadell (inventor of the iPod) and Matt Rogersand both left the company shortly after Google’s acquisition of Nest Labs, and to this day both continue to work on projects that have little to do with thermostats, speakers, cameras, and other products marketed by Nest.

Rogers, in fact, just made his official new company under the name Mill. Their first product is a smart kitchen bin capable of “eliminating kitchen odors, reducing waste and making a positive impact”. I eat? Turning food scraps into chicken feed which will later be used on farms.

Mill, the $33-a-month trash can that turns waste into food

As the company has announced in a press releaseMill offers a new system capable of reducing food waste. The basic principle of the company is based on take advantage of the remains of food that would normally end up in the trash, and transform it into food that can be sent to farms for feed chickens.

For this, the bin includes a system capable of dry and shrink food remains and eliminate bad odor overnight, thus transforming them into a final product called “Food Grounds”, rich in nutrients.

Once the trash is completely filled (something that can take several weeks, according to the company, and it will alert you with a notification thanks to its WiFi connection), the user only has to make an appointment with the postal service to send the box with the remains to Mill.

Mill Trash

The Mill bin has a system capable of processing food remains

Finally, the remains are sent to the farms so that they can be used as a nutritious ingredient to add to chicken feed. According to Mill, work is being done following different regulatory and scientific processes that allow these remains to be used safely.

From the company they explain that basically any food it can be discarded in the mill bin for further processing. They can only be used large bonesshells, large amounts of fat, oil or liquid, plants and flowers, medicine and other non-organic materials.

As for the trash can in question, it has dimensions of 68 x 40 x 38 centimeters, weighs 22 kilos and it has a removable internal bucket with a capacity of 11 liters. Its casing is made of stainless steel with a coating that prevents the accumulation of dust, and includes a hidden LED screen that displays warnings to the user.

The subscription price is $33 a month or $396 per year if paid annually, or $45 a month. The annual plan includes the trash can, and in case of resorting to the monthly plan, it will have to be purchased separately from a price of 754 dollars.

Now, It is now possible to reserve a space to be among the first to receive the trash can and subscribe to the program. However, for now it will be available only in the United States.

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